Get Back – a look at the packaging

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  1. Ronald says:

    The silent video is almost deafening, almost emphasising the “audio problem”. The marked calendar, pretending that 31 January was never part of the sessions, is also “interesting”. If the bootleggers do take advantage of the indefinite delay, it will be sad if “Two Of Us” will still not be included as part of the bonus material. Meanwhile, the silence still continues about the 1970 film and a CD release of the rooftop concert where the music has definitely taken priority.

    • Jefferson Hart says:

      I chose to not narrate anything and just muted the ambient sounds in the house, ie. the humidifier, the dog, the kitchen noise. No one needs me saying, “now you’re looking at the first disc” etc. It’s pretty straightforward. It was just a rough video I made in a hurry for a forum I read.I had no idea a blog would pick it up. Holding a phone cam with one hand while trying to open and move flaps with the one free hand is trickier than it looks, thus a couple of fades I made near the end rather than you having to wait seven seconds for to do this one-handed 😉

  2. G.D. Wilde says:

    To be honest, that looks a whole lot better than the promo picture seemed to suggest!

  3. JOSE RENATO says:

    Any OFFICIAL notice about all SUBTITLES?

  4. Rick says:

    How come those extras ie. the pictures weren’t inside the DVD pack?

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