Louise Harrison

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  1. Louise was a straight shooting pistol. Feisty and fun, who was her brother’s protector and cheerleader til her dying day. I met and got to know her through her wonderful California benefactor Brian Vincik, who treated her like she was the Queen of Liverpool. And she probably was. Louise brooked no interference, particularly when it came to George, and I remember she loved to talk about the old days, and the time she marched into local radio stations in the Chicago area and asked–nay demanded–that they play early records of this unknown pop group called the Beatles which just happened to include her bruvver George. Louise could be a pain in the you know where. She was opinionated and demanding and her goals were savagely single-minded. To her dying day she constantly and proudly waved the George Harrison flag.

  2. Erik says:

    Isn’t it a pity that I didn’t get to know her?

  3. Paul says:

    Very sad. Seems there are very few of the Beatles family (of that era), close associates and friends left now.

  4. Rick says:

    So sad. But at least now she can see George

  5. neevana says:

    Do we know how Harry and Irene are – they must also be in their late 80’s/90’s – there is no news of them in the Uk as far as I know

    • James W Percival says:

      Indeed, it’ the first confirmation that Harry is still alive for a long, long time. Wasn’t he working for George at Friar Park? Perhaps he still lives on the estate.
      It’s a pity that Louise and George fell out so badly, though I seem to recall I read that there was some kind of reconciliation near the end of his life.

      • admin says:

        Harry was born in 1934, so he’s getting on a bit. Louise visited George when he was hospitalised in New York before his passing and the two made peace with each other.

  6. Tim Wilson says:

    I heard that once George died, Olivia pulled her payment allowance away just for (stubbornly) trying to run her Beatles’ themed Hard Days Night hotel. I thought that was very sad and I hoped it was restored or maybe wasn’t true to begin with.

  7. Kevin says:

    I stopped in Benton, IL, in 2015 on a road trip just to see the old Harrison house. It was a Beatles-theme B&B for a while, now it seems to be subdivided into apartment units.

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