New documentary about the Lennon – Pang love affair

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  1. Brian Hunt says:

    You make some very interesting points here, Roger. The original “Loving John” book is well worth a read.

  2. MG says:

    Although I do like the “Loving John” book, as well as both May and Larry Kane, the both of them involved in this project together makes it smelly. Both of them have cashed in over and over and over through the years on their affiliation and so now they’ve joined forces to pimp out May’s stories again. This is why she lost John in the first place, lol. I guarantee you, he saw that in her back then. These books and interviews are always about how Yoko manipulated John in to, and then out of, her life. Although I have no doubt Yoko could be manipulative, May was no match for her. Yoko was/is an artist; May wasn’t/isn’t. End of mystery.

    • Rob Geurtsen says:

      Smelly or not, the original Lennono mythology is worse, because not only is the London-crew in it for the money, they also aim create and market a hype supporting LENNON’S image in the long run.

    • Win Corr says:

      It’s part of their life too…They were together for 18 months. That’s a very long time in the rock and roll lifestyle. The public will decide if it’s good or not.

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