Newly discovered performance already on bootleg

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  1. Win Corr says:

    Exactly where the next Beatles projects should be going. Including all the Pete Best all the way to up to arriving in America. every detail…including press conferences and video. Quarryman, through Germany up to America.

  2. James Peet says:

    There’s more to the Beatles than America. It’d be nice, but I can’t see Apple or whoever sanctioning these kind of releases. There’s other stuff that I’d like to see issued before going pre-Parlophone. Shea Stadium would be nice to see. A third volume of BBC Radio tracks, that would comprise of the remainder of tracks yet to see light of day. Obviously a remix of the rest of the albums not yet done. If this new technology is available where a machine learns sounds and voices and can separate them, maybe work on the 2-track songs, like She Loves You, I’ll Get You, and Love Me Do. Finally a collection of the best of their television appearances, including Ready, Steady, Go! Then we can look at the early stuff.

  3. Terry says:

    “Quarryman, through Germany up to America.”
    The Beatles lived and worked in England throughout the 1960s. All their music was made in English studios, with an English producer. America was one of many overseas places they visited but was hardly the destination you make it sound.

  4. Andy says:

    Where can I please find the vinyl, if not, the cds would be GREAT! Please help!

  5. Andy says:

    There are also the first couple of recordings when they first met George Martin, with Pete Best. I believe Geoff Emerick was suppose to erase or delete, but instead hid the recordings forever and they still exist. I think there was a law suit to retain them.

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