Italian 1968 documentary about The Beatles in India

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  1. Rick says:

    I wasn’t all that impressed with it. Was hard trying to read the subtitles while at the same time listen to what the guy was saying. And looked like who ever was filming it at the compound was doing from outside the gate.

  2. Ken Chawkin says:

    A Canadian filmmaker, Paul Saltzman, happened to go to the ashram around that time to learn Transcendental Meditation. After he learned to meditate he was allowed into the ashram for a few days and found himself innocently walking over to a group of people sitting around a table having breakfast. It was The Beatles and their entourage! He asked if he could join them and John Lennon invited him to sit with them. He became friends with John, Paul, George and Ringo and would end up taking unposed pictures of them with their permission. Many decades later Saltzman’s daughter asked what he had done with those photos. He would end up putting them into a book, and more recently he finally told the story in a journey back to India for his film, Meeting the Beatles in India. Here are the links to his book,, and a trailer to the film,

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