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In rehearsal: Paul McCartney. © 2022 MPL Communications

On Twitter and Facebook and probably some other SoMe channels that we aren’t subscribed to, Paul McCartney has been encouraging fans to write in with requests for songs they want him to perform on the upcoming tour. What would you like to see on the setlist? He posted this on Facebook 15 hours ago, and so far 3 000 have responded. But as Mike Carrera put it in his reply: “I love you man, I really do, but let’s face it, you’re going to play the same songs YOU want to play, pretty much similar to the Freshen Up Tour, but at least PLEASE, add ‘Silly Love Songs’ and take advantage of your brass section now.” Of course, that latter part is what we have been hoping for as well, we really enjoyed it when the horns came alive again. And with Paul’s budget, he could hire a string quartet as well, to augment the live versions of his songs.
As for us, we just wrote: “Wings songs from the later albums, London Town and Back to the egg.”

What would you like him to play?

The “Paul McCartney Got Back” tour opens Thursday 28 April in Spokane. We’ll share the set list here after the show.

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  1. iwixsonstnix says:

    What would you like him to play?
    Everything, but please Paul, don’t sing.

  2. Rob Geurtsen says:

    Venus and Mars/ Rockshow / Jet as an opening…. would stun the audience and create a new atmosphere… puts Paul’s own career as the entry to his oeuvre. Then of course loud stuf like ‘Beware My Love’, ‘Soily’. Lots of bluesy stuff e.g. One After 909, and some of his Egypt Station album – a few caring songs like Who Cares, Girls School, Pretty Boys. of course: Kiss of Venus. And the wild ones Hi Hi Hi, Helen Wheels…

  3. Ronald says:

    (having finished a Beatles’ recording of it) as he promised many years ago.

  4. Ciuzo says:

    Mike is right.

  5. Win Corr says:

    Old Siam Sir, I Had Enough, Rockestra Theme as as an opener right into Old Siam Sir would blow everyone away. Getting Closer….With a Little Luck, London Town, Silly Love Songs, to rest the vocal chords. Beware My Love. It would be a mind blowing trance!

    • William Campbell says:

      Excellent choices. Add in “Girls’ School” for good measure. Macca’s raspy voice might be better with the rockers anyway.

  6. San says:

    Monkberry Moon Delight, Waterfalls, Nothing too Much Just out of Sight (firemean), Golden Earth Girl, Winedark Open Sea, Plastic Beetle, Free Now, Jenny Wren, The World Tonight, Some People Never Know, Loup, Little Lamb Dragonfly, Mamunia, Oh Woman Oh Why

  7. Javier says:

    The Mess, Soily, Getting Closer

  8. Raphaël Vandenberghe says:

    Paul, play your solo songs, u alone r not the Beatles.Of course you can add a few songs from the Beatles repertoire, but not all, please !

    • Win Corr says:

      Just imagine the ‘Wings Anniversary Concerts’…. 2 – 4 Shows spread over 2 weeks and if its successful add a few more… and he can do it in Tampa Florida or Orlando…. in the summer. Fun in the sun

  9. John Cherry says:

    With a Little Luck, Rocky Raccoon, I Don’t Know, Getting Closer, Martha My Dear, Only Love Remains, Stranglehold, Early Days, Wanderlust, No More Lonely Nights, Beautiful Night, etc.

  10. Brian from Canada says:

    1., Silly Love Songs
    2. No More Lonely Nights
    3. Footprints
    4. That Day Is Done
    5. Getting Closer

    …but that’s assuming he’ll actually play one. I doubt he will – they’ve likely rehearsed and set most of the list. The one thing I can suspect is a possible “Hey Glastonbury, here’s the one you voted for….”

  11. Keith Bethel says:

    The Mess

  12. Buddy M says:

    How about some good songs that we may not have heard of or were sleepers in terms of recognition:

    1. Write Away
    2. Kicked Around No More
    3. Getting Closer
    4. Too Many People
    5. Love Is Strange (not his composition originally but done well on Wildlife)
    6. Stranglehold (agreed with above suggestion)

    • John Cherry says:

      Good one, did it in ’89-’90. Not having Hamish Stuart for last verses could be a negative.

      • nateboy2 says:

        I hadn’t realized he did that one live back then! The verses and chorus would be good for his vocal range today. Though, you’re right, one of the other band members would have to handle the high part at the end, unless he changes the arrangement and drops that bit.

  13. William Campbell says:

    “Getting Closer” seems to be a popular choice.

    How about “Take It Away,” “Dear Friend,” “Spies Like Us,” “(I Want To) Come Home,” and “Come And Get It?”

    • Tony Littman says:

      Please no to Come And Get It – the last time I saw him perform this he really sounded awful on the “Sonny” high note.

    • nateboy2 says:

      My favorite giveaway composition of his is, “Woman”. I’d love to hear a full McCartney interpretation of that one. Though, I doubt his voice could handle the soaring notes in it today.

  14. Juan says:

    Maybe he’s asking cause he can’t remember what he actually wrote or in Jack Lumber’s words : “ he’s probably run out of good ones of his own”.

  15. Rickenbacker325 says:

    Uncle Albert…why this has been ignored is beyond me

  16. Hermilo says:

    Every night

  17. BurnsNuSonic says:

    My request? Stop performing, just like you’ve stopped signing autographs. Realistically, your best performing days have disappeared in the rear view mirror. Take your own Sgt Pepper’s advice – send some high-quality unreleased blu-ray content of past performances on tour in your place instead. Concentrate on finishing getting your recorded legacy sorted out just how you want it before it’s left for someone else to do. Enjoy your twilight years with your family and friends. If you really must be in front of an audience – and we know you must – do more of the speaking engagement style of thing from time to time. Failing all that, do Baby’s Request – it’s an obvious choice.

  18. Rick says:

    For god sakes don’t even think of doing “Why Don’t We Do It In The Middle of The Road”. Why The Beatles ever recorded it is beyond me. That is THE worst song they ever did. And I’m a life long fan.

  19. absinthe says:

    No, the worst song in their output is “You Like Me Too Much.” It should have been shelved and later given to the Archies.

  20. Shad Radna says:

    I only discovered recently (I know, I’m an idiot) that Paul and Ringo are the only Beatles on Don’t Pass Me By, which makes those two consecutive White Album tracks that they could do now if Ringo wanted to get up on stage. Fingers crossed…

  21. Jeanie says:

    I like my brave face And I will

  22. Steve says:

    Like what Carole King does live, some medleys of songs she wrote for others or Paul to do songs he wrote for others that he never released (example) to do: World Without Love / Nobody I Know / From A Window / Goodbye / Step inside Love / I’ll Keep You Satisfied / It’s For You / Step Inside Love. etc.

  23. Sid Stoneburner says:

    After reading this lot here I think asking “fans” what they want to hear is not the best idea in the world! Obscure Wings tracks (these folks must be American right? ) and bonkers suggestions like “From A Window”? Just let him do the songs his most comfortable doing at his age and enjoy the fact that he’s there to see.

  24. Eric Michael Lethbridge-Shade says:

    With a brass section it would be a crime not to do “Get Out of My Way”

  25. Steve says:

    Instead of George’s “Something” (closed minded ltd.) performed for years,
    how about “It’s Only A Northern Song” or “Not Guilty” for not recognizing and including them in the past. Or revisiting “All Things Must Pass” (except these songs!,not commercial enough Paul?),
    then do Taxman & you can play the “lead guitar”! (opportunity knocks)!

  26. Rickenbacker325 says:

    Good thing he asked for requests…the set list is so much different this time around…

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