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Paul is back and despite asking for requests, the set list looks almost identical to that of his last tour, Freshen Up – save for the return of a few songs. Looks like the only song he hasn’t performed on earlier tours is «Woman and Wives» from his pandemic album, «McCartney III».

«Back in the USSR» was dropped, surprising no one. A wonderful surprise for the encore though, was “I’ve Got A Feeling” with John Lennon participating – doing his part of the song – from the rooftop concert, courtesy of some Peter Jackson magic!

Paul McCartney’s set list from the tour opening in Spokane, Thursday 28 April, 2022:

1. Can’t Buy Me Love
2. Junior’s Farm
3. Letting Go
4. Got to Get You Into My Life
5. Come on to Me
6. Let Me Roll It
7. Getting Better (for the first time since 2003)
8. Woman and Wives
9. My Valentine
10. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
11. Maybe I’m Amazed
12. I’ve Just Seen A Face
13. In Spite of all the Danger
14. Love Me Do
15. Dance Tonight
16. Blackbird
17. Here Today
18. Queenie Eye
19. Lady Madonna
20. Fuh You
21. Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite!
22. Something
23. Ob-la-di Ob-la-da
24. You Never Give Me Your Money (for the first time since 2003)
25. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (for the first time since 2008)
26. Get Back
27. Band on the Run
28. Let it Be
29. Live and Let Die
30. Hey Jude

31. I’ve Got A Feeling (with John Lennon from the rooftop concert doing his bit on the big screen)
32. Birthday
33. Helter Skelter
34. Golden Slumbers
35. Carry That Weight
36. The End

… and then he waved the Ukrainian flag.

Soeone supplied this VIP Soundcheck set list:
Instrumental Jam
I Wanna Be Your Man
Drive My Car
One After 909
Let ‘Em In
C Moon
Women and Wives
San Francisco Bay Blues
Every Night
Leaning on a Lamp Post (George Formby cover)
Midnight Special
Queenie Eye
Lady Madonna

11 Responses

  1. Christopher says:

    Wow… no “Yesterday”! I am surprised. But, too bad it’s mainly the same ol’ same old.

  2. Brian says:

    Paul usually has a few small variations in his set-lists every few nights, especially when he does 2 shows in 1 city so I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear another one or two McCartneyIII songs throughout the tour.

  3. David says:

    Saw Macca in New Orleans in May, 2019. Two takeaways: He did not sing “Yesterday” (for the first time in the six times I had seen him since 1989), and the live horns were magical. Ballads are difficult for his old voice. Rockers lack nothing. No complaints. Thanks for sharing the set list. It’s what I remember from three years ago. Long Live Macca

  4. Pablo says:

    I realiy can’t wait to see him tour in the UK again.

  5. Tony Littman says:

    Birthday was also performed in the encore, apparently.

  6. DukeViking says:

    I was THAT new live Paul fan 20 years ago this coming Monday. After seeing him 7 times – I’m ok with maybe not seeing him anymore because what Paul does for 36 songs is not curtailed to the diehard but for the masses and potential first timer. I’ve come to accept that. What a joy to have heard him for the first time live with a well rested 59 year old voice.

  7. leondonaruma says:

    Todo un ejemplo del tío Paul, ojalá venga para el sur del sur. Felicitaciones por la web, es mi diario diario

  8. mike says:

    i would go in miami next month but $500 for nose bleed seats? Common Paul were allnot rich like you.

    • James says:

      Those aren’t the set prices. You’re looking at tickets that are being re-sold way above face value. Other venues on the tour that do still have tickets available from $129.

  9. Rick says:

    I saw Paul @ Fenway Park back in 08 or 09. Seen Ringo twice. Now just need to see John & George.

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