Sunday night at the London Palladium tape emerges

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  1. Paul Griggs says:

    I still have my tape of the Palladium show and this is not me. It’s been freely available for some time on YouTube only without the opening of the show “Please please me” which I was able to recently send to Mark Lewison who had never heard it.

    • Dave Derby says:

      Hi Paul. It is hard to find the truth about this subject. A few have claimed to have taped it over the years and trying to sell the tape on eBay of all places! My mother was in the audience that night and I have researched all I can build a picture of that night, she only really remembers their main act at the end of the show, and the aftermath. From photos I am guessing they wore two different suits that night? Looks like they wore the collarless ones at the opening, and brand new blue suits for their main act. Could we correspond about this? I have a feeling you may have very valuable and interesting info about this event!

  2. Paul Griggs says:

    Forgot to mention that I have an audiobook on audible called “The Beatles in my life which has all my Beatles stories.

  3. Blakey says:

    Does the Stones infamous appearance on the Palladium exist? In 1999, Charlie Watts was doing an interview about Brian Jones (MOJO July 1999), and Charlie did say’ You can see how out there he (Brian) was on that bloody Palladium tape’. I noticed Watts said Jones could be ‘seen’ on the Palladium. But this tape (TV footage) has never surfaced since then. I dare say it will never be seen and there is even less chance of the Beatles appearance on video turning up. A shame.

  4. Keith Neil Bratley says:

    That information about the first verse of Please, Please Me is totally new to me.
    60 years old, been a fanatic as long as I can remember and still learning new things about them.
    Hope to hear that opening one day.

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