Vinyl sales for 2022

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  1. Brian David Hunt says:

    No, Roger – this is incorrect; vinyl merely generated more revenue in the UK than CDs in 2022; it did not achieve higher unit sales!

    Official British Phonographic Industry (BPI) figures show that 11.6m CDs were sold in the UK last year, but only 5.5m vinyl records. The music industry likes to conflate actual unit sales with revenues to promote the idea that vinyl is more popular than it actually is, no doubt to encourage sales of the (much) more expensive format…funny, that.

    Worth noting that UK vinyl sales only increased from 5.3m to 5.5m last year, so growth is slowing dramatically. Current vinyl sales levels are now comparable to 1990, by which time vinyl was dying fast. CD sales are dropping, but may never be overtaken by vinyl.

    Please could you correct your (unintentionally) misleading headline?

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