Album covers: Pepper

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  1. ted mills says:

    If you're wondering what that 1963 Blake painting looks like, it's here:
    I believe the Tate Gallery owns it.

  2. Jerom says:

    Thank your for this very informative post!

  3. Solid Earth Farmer says:

    Does anyone know who holds the copyright to the photo on the inner fold of the album? The one with the 4 Beatles sitting in uniform with the yellow background?

  4. piper909 says:

    So is Paul now the owner of the unused Fool artwork for the gatefold? It's not clear above if he was only shown the work or bought it or given it. Where was it all those years and where exactly is it now?

    Also, has anyone definitively documented which two Fabs are Flying during this session? Paul's eyes look mighty big… you'd expect John or George to be among the chief suspects.

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