Auction results

Some results from a Bonham’s auction we have previously alerted you about:

Lot description:
Lot No: 532
The Beatles
Beatles concert material,
comprising: a list of Principal Engagements – August/September, together with the original envelope addressed to Pete Best and postmarked 16 AUG 1962*, together with two carbon-copies of a list of bookings for July-August, one sheet annotated by Pete, and a handbill for Joe Brown/The Beatles at the Tower Ballroom, New Brighton, 27th July.
Bonham’s estimate at £750 – £1000 proved that they underestimated the historic value, as these items eventually sold for £3,360.

A lock of Paul’s hair sold for £2,640.

The Abergavenny poster sold for £9,600
A pair of skiing gloves worn by Ringo Starr in ‘Help!’ sold for a mere £540.

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