Dutch Edition of A Hard Day’s Night – details

Dutch edition: Everything on one disc, Dutch subtitles can’t be switched off.

We’ve received a copy of this edition, which so far seems to be the cheapest one. The film and all bonus material is collected on a single Blu-ray disc, which is handy. There’s only one soundtrack (apart from the commentary option), and that’s multichannel DTS. The book from the USA edition is not included. A major drawback is that the Dutch subtitles on the film itself can’t be switched off. However, if you select to play the film with the audio commentaries, the subtitles are gone.

Bonus material:

▪ The Road to A Hard Day’s Night – An interview with Mark Lewisohn

▪ Anatomy of a Style – Analysis of a few key scenes in the film

▪ Audio commentary from cast & crew

▪ In their own voices: The Beatles on A Hard Day’s Night

▪ Picturewise – about Richard Lester’s film, strong AHDN focus.

▪ Things They Said Today – Cast & Crew interviewed (from 2000)

▪ You Can’t Do That! The Making of A Hard Day’s Night

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