Filming Hey Jude and Revolution

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  1. Overmarsanelka says:

    She may have taken no photographs but still has the memories to cherish until this very day.
    Thanks to Margaret Morel for sharing them.
    Does she have any recollection of The Beatles jamming Little Richard oldies between takes?!

  2. wogew says:

    Margaret replied: Paul sang "Little Arrows" before they began. Leapy Lee used to sing that one. I don't remember Paul doing any others.

  3. wogew says:

    I asked Margaret about Francie Schwartz. Here's her reply: I did see her a few times when I was in London. I met Jane Asher quite a few times too. Jane was a very nice person. I never met Linda. I left London just before Jane and Paul broke up.
    I did go back to London for a quick visit one weekend and went round to St Johns Wood where Paul lived. I saw there were a lot of girls outside his gate so I stood round the corner and waited a little while in case he came by.
    A taxi did come round the corner and Paul was in it. He saw me and stopped the taxi. We talked about the film "Yellow Submarine" which I'd just seen. I was quite shy and didn't know too much what to say. I'd never expected him to stop like that.
    Then some girls came round the corner and saw him talking to me so he had to go. I should have asked to go along too….didn't think (kicking myself lol)

  4. Anonymous says:

    i read a story about this but slightly different.some people who went to go see the movie yellow submarine were either given a piece of paper or were told to be here tomorrow at the next day an empty truck would show up and take people to the twickenham studios to take part in the hey jude video.thats why you see one of the people in the video is a theatre can see him in his i dont think people were picked up at emi studios,but rather picked up at the theatre that was showing yellow submarine.

  5. Mary says:

    well, if she can't even remember that the Beatles did (at least) Two takes for Revolution, then, how can be sure everything else is real?

  6. wogew says:

    Margaret replies:
    To Joey Anthony, I don't know anything about this story you've heard…might be true or might not. The meeting point we were given was not at the EMI Studios, we only went there the evening before to sign the paper to take part. I don't remember where exactly we got the coaches but it was in London. Why someone was dressed as a theatre usher during the video I don't know. There were a lot of people at the Twickenham Studios that day and I didn't get to talk to each one to know how they'd got there. I've explained how it was for Coral and I and all that we experienced that day.
    You'll see a mention about how fans were recruited for the video outside EMI Studios (hence the telephone call from my American Pen pal)

    To Mary, I don't remember how many takes there were for Revolution. This all happened many years ago…… Believe me or not, all I have explained is true and I don't appreciate your remark.

  7. Overmarsanelka says:

    Thanks Margaret for the recollection of Paul busking the Leapy Lee number!
    Considering the events took place 47 years ago, your memory serves you very well indeed.

  8. Anonymous says:

    the reason you see a theatre usher there is because the beatles picked people at the theatre who went to see yellow submatine.i read an article in mojo of someone who talked about how he went to see yellow submarine and was given a piece of paper when he paid for his ticket to be here tomorrow at a certain time for a beatles didn't go into detail.and when he showed up the next day a truck picked them up.and it took them to twickenham.the story is true.also i'd like to add i have talked many times to francie Schwartz.i used to email her back and forth years ago.i remember asking her why she didn't go with paul to the premier of yellow submarine since she was with him during that time.

  9. Unknown says:

    To Margaret: Thank you my dear for providing some insight. To see this performance and sit here in California light years away from EMI with no hope of finding the who, or why… well you have certainly brightened my day. I am left wondering on the story of the older gentleman with the crazy glasses. Who he was. What was his story. He seemed to be having such fun. I hope that he must have told that story hundreds of times and that someone in the family would come forward. -John

  10. Unknown says:

    The Take were Margaret don´t appear is the take 2 (David Frost one) but in take 1 (PV) and 3 (The one who Revolver Record showed us complete) appears. Coral appears in all

  11. Unknown says:

    Actually, it gives Margaret even more credibility when she mentions that she doesn't remember how many takes of Revolution they did. A liar would simply leave that part out, worried about being caught in the lie. Memories fade and return. Challenging someone who comes right out and says, "I don't remember…" is just, well, mean spirited, ugly, and basically ignorant. You aren't the D.A.! Get over yourself.

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