Guide to the Beatles London’ Book Celebrates 50 Years of ‘Beatlemania

The acclaimed book “Guide to the Beatles London” is now available on
Kindle, on the 50th anniversary of ‘Beatlemania’ and the Beatles move to
London. The book is by Richard Porter, a life long Beatles fan, professional Beatles tour guide for more than 20 years and friend of WogBlog.

though the Beatles were originally from Liverpool, when ‘Beatlemania’
began in 1963, they had to move to London to be nearer the scene. As
Ringo Starr once said “If you are in our business, you go to London –
that’s where it happens, the recording, the places to be seen, where
it’s happening is there. It’s just a natural move.”

Author Richard Porter has been a Beatles tour guide in London for over
20 years, and in that time he has gathered together stories and
photographs while researching the tours. Also, as editor of Off the
Beatle Track magazine he interviewed many people who worked with the
Beatles, including Alistair Taylor, Brian Epstein’s personal assistant,
top record producer Alan Parsons and top DJ Kenny Everett. Their stories
are featured throughout the book.

The book also contains scores of
previously unpublished and rare photos, including the Beatles at their
homes and in recording Studios.

Places included in the book include
Abbey Road Studios, the former ‘Apple’ building at 3 Savile Row, the
Beatles homes, offices, recording studios and many others. However, the
book is more about the people that frequented the buildings, rather than
the buildings themselves.

In the book you will:

• find out what John Lennon was doing outside some public toilets in 1966;

• discover which famous Beatles song was recorded in a studio next to a strip club;

• learn how some ladies tights saved an important Beatles event;

• uncover who were the ‘Apple Scruffs’ featured in the George Harrison song

The book has been extensively expanded since its last print edition to
include many new places, scores of new photos and newly discovered

To download the book from Kindle, here are the links:



This book is a must for all Beatles fans whether you will be visiting
London or not. It contains historical information on the Beatles’ lives
in London, which every Beatles fan needs to know. –
Trina Yannicos – Daytrippin’ magazine

‘One person who has been something of a flag waver for the Beatles
London has been Richard Porter, whose passion and knowledge of the group
are apparent from the moment you meet him. Richard opens up each
building’s Beatles connection and history with vivid detail and
anecdotal information. Without doubt, he is the authority concerning the
group’s movements within the capital during the 1960s.’ –

Mr Porter has been conducting Beatles walking tours in
London for over twenty years (for over 150,000 Beatles fans). He’s
logged a few thousand miles. He knows the scene. Richard has transcribed
his tours in this book. And what a trip it is. Bravo to Richard Porter
on a wonderful effort. I like this book.
Brad Howard – World Beatles

‘The sixties were a fun time when everything came together,
and London was fab – it really was then, … it was really jumping. And
there were The Beatles and the pirate radio stations and all that, and a
general loosening up. Of course the war had gone by then and rationing
had finished so people started throwing their legs in the air and having
a good time. It was a good place to be, around London, in the sixties.’
Kenny Everett, DJ and producer of the Beatles Christmas records

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  1. Brill Building says:


    I never knew about this book, it seems to eb a cool addition to my collection of Beatles book!!

    But there is another book on the same subject :

    The Beatles' London: The Ultimate Guide to Over 400 Beatles Sites in and Around London by Piet Schreuders, Mark Lewisohn and Adam Smith.

    Which one of those two books is the best ? Or do i need to buy both ? 😉

    Keep up the magnificent work!!!

    Paris, France

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