Lewisohn – the bigger edition

Special Edition – UK version

“More words” and “some more pictures as well” is what’s in store for buyers of the special edition of Mark Lewisohn’s “Tune In”. It will be split into two books, because there are to many pages to fit between two covers, and the pair will be housed in a cassette box.

More on this over at the official website.

Here’s Mark Lewisohn, explaining the difference between the regular and special editions:

If you’re going for the regular edition, getting an autographed copy from the company Tracks is an option.

USA edition

In the USA, Bloomingdales is hosting several of Mark Lewisohn’s public appearances, find out where on this page.

In the UK, Lewisohn is scheduled to appear at the Essar Chester Literature festival on Sunday the 13th of October and the next week-end at the London Beatles Day on Sunday, October 20th.

For those not ready to handle a book of this volume, there are Kindle editions planned, both for the regular and special edition. From British Amazon, the UK Special edition volume 1 for Kindle is here:

and from Amazon USA, here’s their Kindle version of the regular edition:

You’ll also notice that the price of the special edition has dropped from an estimated £120 to £74.40 in UK. Here are the links to the paper editions:


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  1. dps says:

    So I'm confused….is the Special Edition available for pre-order now? I'm assuming the $24 copy I pre-ordered on Amazon (1248 pages) is the trade edition?

  2. dps says:

    Answered my own question by visiting amazon.co.uk. Wonder why no pre-order for the Special Edition for US residents?

  3. wogew says:

    Hi! You've obviously ordered the "regular" USA edition. There will be two editions in the USA and two editions in the UK. So far, the USA special edition has not yet been put up for pre-ordering.

  4. dps says:

    Thanks, Roger. I heard the US "Special Edition" is up in the air.

  5. georgefromhenley says:

    Wow it seems Mark used a photo I have overworked for him on the cover of the US version…

  6. Unknown says:

    Just noticed on the Amazon UK website that their are two kindle volumes of the book – both at 1728 pages (surely a mistake on their part, unless there is a super extended version of 3456 pages!)

  7. wogew says:

    Speaking of Kindle, Tune In Extended edition is available only from Amazon UK but I can't buy it from Norway. A note informs me that I can only buy kindle books from Amazon USA, but when I go there, only the regular edition is available. How to circumvent this, I have no idea.

  8. Feelflows says:

    I can't find an iTunes/kindle release date for the expanded edition for North America. Have you heard anything?

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