Half a chocolate bar started the Beatles

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  1. Michael Hockinson says:

    I would be very cautious about accepting Matt Damon's version of this event, which he related over several beers to Esquire journalist Tom Junod. Later in the piece, Damon relates a story about Russell Crowe and George Clooney at the BAFTA awards which was completely made up.

    The pull quote on the page where the chocolate bar story is featured reads, "Turns out that at least some of the stories Matt told about famous people didn't strictly happen. He might have been messing with us. But what does it matter? They're still delicious."

    Lewisohn hasn't heard about the chocolate bar. Until Bono or McCartney confirm this, I'd be suspicious…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Of course it's nonsense! Bono has been banned from Liverpool for decades for being such a wazzock.

  3. Martin says:

    How come this isn't mentioned on the Anthology then?
    It's a load of bollocks and Damon is full of shizer…

  4. Unknown says:

    Matt Damon Iri$h Lover of Tall Tales Not a Lie-Perhaps a Twee White Lie-If Sir Paul Told Bono Who Knows. Great to Know JL was Cool enough to Share Half of his Tasty Treat-This guy can Play guitar He might HELP! me with OUR New Band. Knowing John Sure…Oi Paul Did ya here about the Fete Some mates of mine are Playing…IMAGINE.
    Being a U2 Fan (My Beatles of the 80's) Super Cool knowing Paul Picks UP Bono from Airport.
    Live Aid Trivia Linda Wrote Love Letters to Bono RE Live Aid Performance. Bono got carried away Leap Of Faith. Dissapointed Himself. Queen Vs U2? Foe Me That Bono Stage dive Danced w Girl Special! Sorry Freddy Bono Made IT.
    Great Site By The Way.
    Hi Hi Hi from Toronto Ontario. Peace N Love. Sharing IS Caring!

  5. Karen says:

    Made me emotional. How precious! ♡♡

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