Hamburg and Horst

The first in a line of Beatles 50th anniversary celebrations will be held in Hamburg on May 22nd. Free entrance to Beatlemania Hamburg from 11-18, with Horst Fascher’s book+DVD launch and a sixties memorabilia market.

50 Years ago, in 1960 the Beatles came from Liverpool to Hamburg to start their unbelievable career. Star-Club inventor Horst Fascher met them in the early years and brought them back to the famous music-club in Hamburg St.Pauli, the famous redlight district around the reeperbahn. In his upcoming new book “Horst Fascher-The Guy who brought… /Stories behind the pictures” Mr.Fascher opens his huge picture-archive and tells not only about the Fab 4 but all the other stars and musicians who became his friends for a lifetime.

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