Inside the Star Club in 1963

Tony Sheridan on stage – still from “Hafenpolizei – Die Party” 1963

Thanks to a recent TV screening of this 1963 cop series “Hafenpolizei”, we can now have a look at the interior of the famous “Star Club”. Performing on stage is Tony Sheridan, with Gibson Kemp on drums. I located this version on YouTube. We enter the club at around the 08:00 mark. The Beatles played several times at the Star Club, their final appearance was in late December 1962, just a few months before these scenes were filmed.

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  1. georgefromhenley says:

    When the guys are entering the club from the Grosse Freiheit street it is NOT the original entrance – that`s opposite.
    The first band one sees are Kingsize Taylor and the Sheridan band has Gibson Kemp on drums, Ricky Barnes on sax and Colin Melander on bass. The female singer is Carol Elvin.
    The clip is great.


  2. DiBoLandsTVAndNewsCenter says:

    The Series running on Anixe SD

    Season 1 Epsiode 8 few weeks ago

    First Broadcast November 25 1963

    the DVD box is out of order

  3. Unknown says:

    Beatles poster on the wall at 8:12.

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