Keep Rockin’ with unpublished photos

Chicago(BUSINESS WIRE): Keep Rockin’ Magazine celebrates its first year anniversary with a special Beatles issue which includes a 10 page layout with previously unseen pictures of The Beatles from 1963 and 1964. Keep Rockin’, the premier 50’s & 60’s music magazine, was selected to publish these rare photos of The Beatles by photographer, Ian Wright, who was there in the early 60’s before Beatlemania swept the world.

Along with these exclusive photos, is the untold story BEATLEMANIA! On The Way Up which reveals early influences of The Fab Four and the origins of Beatlemania. Read how 16 year old Ian Wright bicycled 25 miles through a major snowstorm just to capture images of the early Beatles performing in England. The 10 page article entitled BEATLEMANIA! provides details never before released about John, Paul, George and Ringo. Keep Rockin’ Editor Lou Holly states “Keep Rockin’ is thrilled to publish these rare photos and article in our First Anniversary Issue.”

Tommy Roe relayed to Keep Rockin’ “What a great time it was touring with The Beatles in 1963, and then working with them again in 1964 at their Washington DC concert. Great memories. I love your magazine, keep up the good work!”


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