Lennon: 8LP boxed set for May

This 8LP boxed set from 1981 sold well.

An LP boxed set containing 8 John Lennon albums is due out May 25 in the UK and 22 May in Germany from Calderstone. The boxed set is also listed on Amazon in other countries, like Japan and Spain.

We don’t have any images of the new boxed set, we don’t know which albums are to be included, or which mixes will be featured on the vinyl discs, but we are willing to make a guess.

John Lennon’s catalogue of studio albums has been redone several times in recent years, and has also been subject to remixing.

The 1981 boxed set depicted above contained the albums “Live Peace In Toronto”, “John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band”, “Imagine”, “Sometime In New York City”, “Walls & Bridges”, “Mind Games”, “Rock ‘N’ Roll” and “Shaved Fish”, each in their original picture sleeves with original inners and inserts, all housed in a in 13″ square silver picture box. The none-inclusion of the “Double Fantasy” album was due to the fact that this was an EMI boxed set, whereas the “Double Fantasy” album was controlled by Geffen.

All Lennon albums are now on Universal Music, so if they are going to dwell on the studio albums, we guess that the albums in the new boxed set are likely to be “John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band”, “Imagine”, “Sometime In New York City”, “Walls & Bridges”, “Mind Games”, “Rock ‘N’ Roll”, “Double Fantasy” and the posthumous “Milk and Honey”. 180 gram vinyl seems to be the new industry standard, and likely to be applied to this collection.

After some time of Yoko-commissioned remixes having been favoured, recent rereleases have gone back to Lennon’s own original mixes, so we think this is also likely to be the case with the vinyl albums in this new box.

Albums that have fallen by the wayside whereas new editions or repressings are concerned:

– “Menlove Ave.”

– “Live in New York City”

All other albums have been re-released extensively, but these two are still only available in their original 1986 incarnations.

“Live in New York City” has undergone some reworkings in recent years, both the concert video and its soundtrack, fans are expecting the results to be released for the 75th anniversary of Lennon’s birth October 9, 2015.

For Record Store Day in 2011, a ltd ed boxed set “Imagine” was released.

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