Limited quantities of BBC vinyls?

Live at the BBC – just 2000 copies pressed? Photo: ©2013 Apple Corps Ltd

According to one record retailer we heard from, the vinyl editions, at least as far as the UK versions are concerned, will initially be pressed in very limited quantities. The numbers quoted were 3000 copies of On Air – Live at the BBC Volume 2 and just 2000 of the remastered Live at the BBC. Is Universal Music unaware of how many Beatles fans there are and how many of them are into vinyl collecting?

No doubt, if these vinyl albums sell out quickly, further pressings will be made.

The vinyl edition of Live at the BBC had an initial release date of November 25, but the date has been corrected to November 11, which means that both vinyl editions now will be available simultaneously as the CD albums. Both 3LP album sets will be pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

The new Beatles vinyl album – only 3000 made? Photo: ©2013 Apple Corps Ltd.

In other news, Live At The BBC – The Collection (Box Set), also a limited edition, has been added to both the USA and UK Amazon stores. The box is merely a cardboard slipcase holding both CD albums.

Live At The BBC – The Collection. Photo: ©2013 Apple Corps Ltd.

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