The Lost Beatles Album

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  1. happycats says:

    That is a great sounding live record. I got it back in the early 80's when I was about 13 and wore that record out. I wish I had taken care of the record, I still have it, but only listening to cd's now. I'll have to get one bootlegged that is transferred to cd. thanks for reminding me of a great Beatle memory.

    Doug Kilishek

  2. Liza says:

    I have an original copy of the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl album pressed in Venezuela by EMI Records in 1977 and wish to appraise it but have not been able to…it is in excellent condition and in its original cover…I will appreciate any help

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nobody's ever quite realised the importance of this album at the time of its release. Being smack in the middle of punk, it should have been an illustration of what was being turned over but actually, if anything, it provided defence because of the speed at which these tracks were being performed (punk speed!), the very reason that the band had previously ruled out releasing a sixties release of the tracks.

    I thoroughly remember walking into the legendary 'Good Vibrations' shop in Belfast (home of irish punk) and there being this very loud band on with a lot of screaming.

    As I had recently discovered the beatles, I should have recognised who it was straight away but the track, one of the covers they played, was unfamiliar to myself and other schoolboys currently being swayed into punk rebellion.

    When a Beatles song came on next, we actually asked the celebrated shop and record label owner, Terri Hooley who it was and he looked at us as if we were idiots. 'It's The Beatles'.

    I remember us all being quite stunned.

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