New Remastered Lennon Box track lists

BOX SET “John Lennon BOX” (Limited Manufacture) Total of 11 Discs. Includes 8 discs of original solo albums, rare recording Disc, unreleased tracks, and EP unrecorded on CDs.

Deluxe BOX which stores all 11 discs which are digi-sleeve package.

Booklet with limited John Lennon art print, rare photos, art work, collage, lyrics, liner notes.

Bonus Tracks:

Bonus Disc 1 – Home Recordings

1. Mother

2. Love

3. God

4. I Found Out

5. Nobody Told Me

6. Honey Don’t

7. One Of The Boys

8. India India

9. Serve Yourself

10. Isolation

11. Remember

12. Beautiful Boy

13. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier

Bonus Disc2 – Album Unrecorded Tracks

1. Power To The People

2. Happy X’mas(War Is Over)

3. Instant Karma

4. Cold Turkey

5. Move Over Ms.L

6. Give Peace A Chance

New BEST Album “Power To The People” (2 Editions)

15 tracks of John’s most popular hit songs.

Experience Edition: CD+DVD / Standard Edition: 1 CD.

Experience Edition includes the same CD as the Standard Edition with a DVD with music videos.

Track List

1. Power To The People

2. Give Me Some Truth

3. Woman

4. Instant Karma

5. Whatever Get You Through The Night

6. Cold Turkey

7. Jealous Guy

8. #9 Dream

9. (Just Like) Starting Over

10. Mind Games

11. Watching The Wheels

12. Stand By Me

13. Imagine

14. Happy X’mas(War Is Over)

15. Give Peace A Chance

4CD Discs “Gimme Some Truth” categorized into themes.

4CD Discs which includes total of 72 tracks categorized into themes.

– Roots: John’s rock ‘n’ roll roots and influences

– Working Class Hero: John’s socio-political songs

– Woman: John’s love songs

– Borrowed Time: John’s songs about life

Rare photos and new liner note essay.

Track List

Roots: John’s rock ‘n’ roll roots and influences

1. Be-Bop-Lula

2. You Can’t Catch Me

3. Rip It Up / Ready Teddy

4. Tight A$

5. Ain’t That A Shame

6. Sweet Little Sixteen

7. Do You Wanna Dance?

8. Slippin’ And Slidin’

9. Peggy Sue

10. Bring It On Home

11. Yer Blues

12. Just Because

13. Boney Moronie

14. Beef Jerky

15. Ya Ya

16. Hound Dog

17. Stand By Me

18. Here We Go Again

– Working Class Hero: John’s socio-political songs

1. Working Class Hero

2. Instant Karma

3. Power To The People

4. God

5. I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier

6. Gimme Some Truth

7. Sunday Bloody Sunday

8. Steel And Glass

9. Meat City

10. I Don’t Want To Face It

11. Remember

12. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World

13. I Found Out

14. Isolation

15. Imagine

16. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

17. Give Peace A Chance

18. Only People

Woman: John’s love songs

1. Mother

2. Hold On

3.You Are Here

4. Well, Well, Well

5. Oh My Love

6. Oh Yoko!

7. Grow Old With Me

8. Love

9. Jealous Guy

10. Woman

11. Out The Blue

12. Bless You

13. Noboby Loves You (When You’re Down And Cut)

14. My Mummy’s Dead

15. I’m Losing You

16. (Just Like) Starting Over

17. #9 Dream

18. Beautiful Boy

Borrowed Time: John’s songs about life

1. Mind Games

2. Nobody Told Me

3. Clean Up Time

4. Crippled Inside

5. How Do You Sleep?

6. How?

7. Intuition

8. I’m Stepping Out

9. Whatever Get You Through The Night

10. Old Dirt Road

11. Scared

12. What You Got

13. Cold Turkey

14. New York City

15. Surprise Surprise

16. Borrowed Time

17. Look At Me

18. Watching The Wheels

This text is from EMI Records press release, the photos are all from the Beatles Photo Blog.

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