New “Shea” DVD’s

The japanese bootleg company Misterclaudel has announced an upcoming new version of the Beatles’ famous Shea Stadium concert. There has been a great many versions of this concert film booted already, but none has managed to match the clarity of the footage shown in the Beatles Anthology TV-series. Perhaps this is the time? See picture comparison above.

The best previous versions have been taken from the american TV master, as discovered by Darthdisc, augmented by adding the audio option of the original soundtrack from the auctioned audio tapes from the concert.

At the same time, independent Beatles fans are making their own DVD version of The Beatles at Shea Stadium, possibly in the “revisited” series. For now, we have the track listing of the Misterclaudel version, due out soon:


01. introduction

“LPP” l6mm PRINT Digital Tele-Cine

02. introduction

03. Twist And Shout

04. I Feel Fine

05. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

06. Ticket To Ride

07. Can’t Buy Me Love

08. Baby’s In Black

09. Act Naturally

10. A Hard Day’s Night

11. Help!

12. I’m Down


13. introduction

14. Twist And Shout

15. She’s A Woman

16. I Feel Fine

17. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

18. Ticket To Ride

– Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby (a brief sequence)

19. Can’t Buy Me Love

20. Baby’s In Black

21. Act Naturally

22. A Hard Day’s Night

23. Help!

24. I’m Down


25. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

26. Baby’s In Black

27. I’m Down

28. misterclaudel trailer


29. introduction

30. I Feel Fine

31. I’m Down

32. Act Naturally

33. Ticket To Ride

34. Yesterday

35. Help!

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