Paul and George in 1970

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  1. Duke_Viking says:

    I'm guessing sept / oct '69 time frame. John's stripped Casino is in the background. After he declared his divorce from the group – I don't think he came back into the studio with them.

    • Unknown says:

      There were no Beatle recording sessions in September or October 69 and Paul did not have facial hair that long then. I think this is indeed January 70 when they were recording I Me Mine.

    • Matheus says:

      It's 1970 .

  2. Duke_Viking says:

    But then again – Harrison had his Casino stripped as well but with a Bigsby tremolo bar on it.

  3. piper909 says:

    George did seem to have shaved off most of his beard by Dec. 1969, judging from stage photos from then.

  4. bob katz says:

    it can not be this date. it is well known that paul was home watching his tv between the hours of 1pm to 11 pm only stopping to use his first floor restroom (number 2) at 2:45pm to 3:30pm. everyone knows this.

  5. Popper says:

    I believe the Jan 1970 sessions were in the vast Studio 2 at Abbey Road? Given the closeness of the walls here, it looks more like it could be a photo at Apple – maybe someone who knows the look of the studio interiors could confirm that?

  6. old man taylor says:

    Is there a two man acoustic guitar
    overdub on I Me Mine I don't remember?

    Its an amazing picture.

  7. Shad Radna says:

    If you look around at photos of studio 2, this was taken looking towards the "back" wall, i.e. the wall you'd be facing if you were looking out from the control room. The fire escape doors are behind Paul's head and it appears it did used to say "TO FIRE EXIT" above it. The chair is consistent too.

    The image here is described as an "artist rendering" but it's unlikely they added the sign above the fire exit based upon this new photo.

  8. Unknown says:

    I hope to see more pictures from that day, including Ringo.

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