Paul McCartney at Fenway Park

Paul McCartney rocked Boston last night and again tonight. Here are the the set lists from the soundcheck and concert. Comments by Bob Gannon as posted on Steve’s Beatles site at the Examiner (see link on the right). The soundcheck was attended by some 30 fans who paid for the VIP package, including the soundcheck and dinner.

The Soundcheck:
1. Fenway park (jam)
2. Matchbox
3. Honey Hush
4. Honey Don’t
5. Coming up
6. Jazz jam
7. All My Loving
8. Sing the changes
9. C Moon
10. Celebration
11. It’s been too long? (Completely new song, at the end of the song, Abe said “they should hear the recorded version” and Paul responded “I’m not going to play the recorded version for them”.)
12. Lady Madonna
13. Midnight Special
14. San Francisco Bay
15. Dance Tonight (mandolin)
16. Unknown (Russian song on ukulele)
17. Something (During the acoustic guitar switch, he had a problem with a loose jack on the guitar and it disrupted his playing. He then asked the sound booth if they thought it was a loose jack as well and before they could answer said “I think so too”.)
18. The Legend of Loose Jack (about a 4 1/2 minute pirate song complete with hardy hars. He kept the nautical theme through out and it was a very fun song.)
19. Yesterday

The Concert:
1. Drive My Car
2. Jet
3. Only Mama Knows
4. Flaming Pie
5. Got To Get You Into My Life
6. Let Me Roll It/Foxy Lady
7. Highway
8. Long And Winding Road
9. My Love
10. Blackbird
11. Here Today
12. Dance Tonight
13. Calico Skies
14. Michelle
15. Mrs. Vanderbilt
16. Eleanor Rigby
17. Sing The Changes
18. Band On The Run
19. Back In The USSR
20. I’m Down
21. Something
22. I’ve Got A Feeling (With Extended Jam)
23. Paperback Writer
24. A Day In The Life
25. Let It Be
26. Live And Let Die
27. Hey Jude

Encore #1
28. Day Tripper
29. Lady Madonna
30. I Saw Her Standing There

Encore #2

31. Yesterday
32. Helter Skelter
33. Get Back
34. Sgt Pepper reprise into The End

So, in conclusion: The concert set list was unchanged since Citi Field, but the inclusion of a brand new song at the soundcheck was interesting. And hopefully, someone will have taped the soundcheck. Paul was highly energized and highly interactive with the crowd, according to Bob.
Concert photos

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what time did he hit the stage last night?

  2. Unknown says:

    Just before 8 PM

  3. Anonymous says:

    Correction: He didn't play "Michelle" last night.

  4. Anonymous says:

    During the second soundcheck in Boston Paul have play "Ram on" and "That would be something" 🙂

  5. wogew says:

    Awesome! What a treat for the lucky soundcheck listeners!

  6. Sergio Taraddei says:

    Hi Wogew!
    I hope that someone have recorded this soundcheck!
    I am very curious to hear ram on(instrumental) by paul.
    Maybe we can hope in a future add of this song in the setlist 🙂
    During a soundcheck of 2003 he have done also "Do you want to know a secret"!
    P.s Which beatles songs never performed live do you like to hear by paul? My dream is Oh!Darling-Lovely Rita and I'm looking through you 🙂

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