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  1. TheBeatlesFanatic342 says:

    Very interesting research. I'm a bit disappointed that a lot of the so called new outtakes are actually the original version but with minor/ little to no changes. Is it now worth the $150 to buy this set?

  2. Gabor Peterdi says:

    With so much bootlegs out it is beginning to be hard to find much new stuff at the studio. It still will be a nice package, beacuse any snippet will take us closer to the creation of the songs. Giles please don't delete these, because they sometimes are more interesting than the takes themsleves.

    I only wish they had made new videos for some of the tracks. Mr. Kite could be a nice clip. Queen made a film for each tracks for the Night At The Opera album. I think a video album for Pepper would have been nice instead of the 1+ clips we already own. But anyways, finish the moaning. I am VERY HAPPY for this package after all.

  3. marc w says:

    Bit worrying that such an expert is under the impression that photograper Leslie Bryce was a woman.

  4. piper909 says:

    Marijke Koger-Dunham from The Fool was present during the big orchestral session (she's visible on the Day in the Life promo films) and has said on her Facebook page, I believe, that she and perhaps Simon Posthuma of The Fool also contributed to that "OM!" hummed chord. Marijke also says she plays tambourine on this track, which may be largely buried in the orchestral overdub. (She's certainly seen playing tambourine in film footage.)

  5. S e as garotas que erraram says:

    WHY STILL BUTCHERING THE BEATLES??? It's very disappointing not having the real songs running on its entirety, instead we'll have speeches, intros, vocal takes, overdubs etc that we don't know where it comes from, other cuts in and cuts out, fades in and fades out! Wow! I still have hope that these full sessions gets bootlegged directly from the masters and put a final point over this. It's very annoying.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great read and great analysis by Mr. Carrera. The only thing I would say, is that he seems to assume that the Rock Band pre-take chat is unedited, so when it's different here, then it must be an edit here on this release.

    But is that proven to be the case? I would assume that it's mostly the Rock Band bits that are jumbled and edited, and what we're hearing here might be closer to the raw tapes in some of the cases he described.

    I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that Giles is "butchering the Beatles". It could just be that the Rock Band people butchered them more than we realized, and we're only now hearing them the way they were recorded.

  7. Westfield says:

    I love these reviews. I'm also disappointed in the releases overlapping with so much material already available. The Rockband Mogg releases in my opinion was the best thing to hit the Beatles fans over the last 25 years. The clarity and separate tracks of those are unmatched by any further releases.

  8. Unknown says:

    This only makes me more excited for this release. All the naysayers can cry and jump in their own sour milk sea. The only thing I'm certain of is that I will hear things I've never heard before from the Beatles. For that I am grateful.

  9. Alejandro Varela says:

    Thanx for the NEW info of mostly old printed releases. It made me think to buy or not to buy this set. To me is a Sgt Frankestein!

  10. Mary says:

    Still some doubts about some takes, like When I'm 64, it is actual take 2 with with vocal overdub and reading Mark Lewisohn's Sessions it says this is called "SI (overdub) onto Take 2" and pure take 2 was instrumental, same as Lovely Rita or Sgt Pepper Take 9, we do have those original (backing) takes on this new Pepper Deluxe Bot set but with vocal overdubs, so again "no pure" takes but also not to be called Take 10, 11, etc (like in the first Beatles sessions that when they've added vocals and claps, etc a new take number was created), simply a "SI (superimposition)" or vocal overdub in my opinion. I think it was better for Apple to call these tracks as "Take 2" or "Take 9" instead of "SI onto Take 2", "SI onto Take 9" to avoid confusion among the casual fan.

  11. niallquinn says:

    You are all experts compaired to me, but loving the posts. Really pissed off that we're not getting real takes, bits and pieces added together, I mean, that's all "outfakes" isn't it? So annoyed I'm not even buying it tomorrow. Shame.

  12. piper909 says:

    Whoops, possibly my error up above — I rechecked my sources and seem to have confused that A Day in the Life session with the All You Need is Love big session — The Fool contributed percussion and to the vocal chorus to AYNIL on that day. So Marijke's participation in A Day in the Life should be an open question.

  13. piper909 says:

    Heyfatalbert makes excellent points, above, as well. Just wanted to note that!

  14. Martin says:

    Ordered yesterday…. Is the rumour true that a version of 'Only A Northern Song'is featured as a bonus/hidden track on the 6 disc box set?…

  15. Anonymous says:

    People are so weak. I've been a Beatlemaniac since I was three years old and I, for one, am totatlly thrilled with this collection. I really don't care if they added take announcements and little speeches in. Who cares? Do any of you realize how ridiculous you all sound?

    How about some love for the remix? Finally, a great stereo mix for this iconic album. Great to hear She's Leaving Home back up to its intended speed. Please, Giles, remix the rest of the catalog. Rubber Soul and Revolver would be amazing. All of them really. Would there be anyway to make proper stereo mixes of "Please Please Me" and "With The Beatles"?

    • Unknown says:


      On the other hand, it might be complicated to do proper stereo mixes for the first two records. The original multitrack tapes for Love Me Do, Ps. I Love You and two more (I believe) do not exist anymore. Got wiped by EMI a long time ago.

    • James Peet says:

      Alas Please Please Me and a fair chunk of With The Beatles wS recorded on 2 track tapes. I don't know how good the technology is for separating two or more different sounds from a single track of a 2 track tape. I know it's about frequencies (not that I know much about those ☺). That would be interesting. Off hand, i don't know when reduction mixes began to be made on Beatles sessions ad Giles Martin would be able to get all the sounds on to their own tracks. Assuming, that is, they have all the tapes!

      These things are nice to have but i find myself going back to the original records!

  16. maikel ariel says:

    one thing about the new stereo mix: she's leaving home is on fast speed, as the mono version (F Major key), different from the old stereo version, which was the slow speed version (E Major Key)

  17. niallquinn says:

    @Cole – Now I've had a good listen, I think you're probably right. Yes the tracks have been altered, but the quality we now have of the takes here is superb – and it's really enjoyable listening to it.

    Interested to know more about 'Only A Northern Song' being a hidden track, whereabouts?

  18. piper909 says:

    Excitement about remixes and alternate takes should not obscure the fact that only the original 1967 mixes display the album as it was made and released and heard and judged by fans at that time (and for many years after) — no later revisiting or second-guessing can or should alter that central fact. You can't truly understand the Beatles' music if you don't begin with the tracks as they were originally issued. Anything else is being filtered through a third party's interpretation. This may be well-meaning, but it's still an external filter applied.

  19. Unknown says:

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  20. Martin says:

    Got the super deluxe box today from the excellent What Records(93 quid in total, including first class P&P. Ordered Thursday, arrived this morning) and I must say it looks superb…. Will take weeks enjoying this and will read the book tonight…

    For anyone who doesn't want to pay Amazon prices, check out the aforementioned What Records. Considering what price it's going for on other sites, 84.99 for the super deluxe set is a bargain….

  21. maikel ariel says:

    also.. no extras on "the making of sgt pepper" documentary

  22. Unknown says:

    About: Lovely Rita [Speech And Take 9], it must be SI Take 9 since Pauls vocals is on, but I can't hear any harmonies or backing from the others, so I don't think it's the reduction mix tak 10 or 11, the speech at the end is probably edited in.

  23. piper909 says:

    Here's another clue for you all — among the Latin that Paul is declaiming at the start of the "Lovely Rita" outtake, I can clearly make out the old Liverpool Institute motto Non nobis solum, sed toti mundo nati," "not for ourselves alone, but for the whole world are we born."

  24. Oh Pete says:

    Late to the party, but regarding the odd Fixing A Hole Take sequence, says:

    "On 21 February, back at Abbey Road, they recorded a fourth take, before deciding the Regent Sound take two was the best. They created a reduction mix to free up space, which combined the guitar and backing vocals on one track. The new mix became known, confusingly, as take three."

    Just got the 6-disc set for Father's Day and I'm using these reviews to keep track of what other people think are worthwhile tracks. I like this site a lot. Thanks.

  25. Unknown says:

    Reads like a bootleg rezension in the old days (1989 onwards) hi hi hi

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