Singles boxed set

Front cover, as published on Amazon France.

French Amazon has revealed the front cover of the upcoming boxed set of the Beatles’ UK singles (vinyl) boxed set. The set will comprise the original 22 British singles from “Love Me Do” to “Let It Be”, plus an extra single containing “Free As A Bird”/”Real Love”. We have been led to believe that no remastering or remixing has taken place.

The single sleeves will be inspired by various foreign picture sleeves from countries like Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Norway, Spain, Belgium, France, Japan etc. This is a limited edition boxed set like the Christmas Collection from a couple of years ago. Due out November 15th. We have received the following tentative information about the single sleeves. Some of the information may be wrong.

7″ Singles Collection

01 : Love Me Do  – P. S. I Love You [Cover art from USA]

02 : Please Please Me – Ask Me Why [Cover art from Italy]

03 : From Me To You – Thank You Girl [Cover art from Norway]

04 : She Loves You – I’ll Get You [Cover art from Germany]

05 : I Want To Hold Your Hand – This Boy [Cover art from Chile]

06 : Can’t Buy Me Love – You Can’t Do That [Cover art from Argentina]

07 : A Hard Day’s Night – Things We Said Today [Cover art from Holland]

08 : I Feel Fine – She’s A Woman  [Cover art from Spain]

09 : Ticket To Ride – Yes It Is [Cover art from Sweden]

10 : Help! – I’m Down [Cover art from Belgium]

11 : We Can Work It Out – Day Tripper [Cover art from France]

12 : Paperback Writer – Rain [Cover art from Thailand]

13 : Eleanor Rigby – Yellow Submarine [Cover art from Argentina]

14 : Strawberry Fields Forever – Penny Lane [Cover art from Denmark]

15 : All You Need Is Love – Baby, You’re A Rich Man [Cover art from Germany]

16 : Hello, Goodbye – I Am The Walrus [Cover art from Belgium]

17 : Lady Madonna – The Inner Light [Cover art from Japan]

18 : Hey Jude – Revolution [Cover art from Spain]

19 : Get Back – Don’t Let Me Down [Cover art from Portugal]

20 : The Ballad Of John And Yoko – Old Brown Shoe [Cover art from Mexico]

21 : Something – Come Together [Cover art from Italy]

22 : Let It Be – You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) [Cover art from UK]

23 : Free As A Bird – Real Love [Cover art from: World Wide]

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29 Responses

  1. Unknown says:

    I'd prefer that Apple put out a complete boxed set of Live at Shea stadium. An audio CD, a Blu-ray of the show, repro poster, repro concert ticket, perhaps a T-shirt. That is so overdue. Why show it in theaters after the Ron Howard movie and then do nothing with it. Not really interested in the singles boxed set.

  2. mightyquinn says:

    Its For Me Oh Yes. Please

  3. Unknown says:

    I still have the 1976 singles edition, complete and unplayed. This really looks a nice way to fill the Apple wallets. We are all waiting indeed for a proper SHEA release including the cinema edition, I doubt if it will come within a reasonable time period. 2020 Let It Be, 2021-2022 the first LP's in a remixed version.

  4. JOSERENATOC says:

    This BOX has no sense !!!!

  5. hopeforbetter says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Classic 909 says:

    Unnecessary for some but for me it is necessary, I must buy it for this Christmas

  7. Beatlemilio says:

    Also available in Amazon Spain

  8. Mark McKendrick says:

    Unknown and Henry Taylor: Whay are you crying out for a Shea release on this page? It's not like Calderstone (there's no such company as 'Apple') read this – and even if they did, this is about a box of singles, not Shea Stadiun. Shea stadium is a terrible, terrible recording: why on earth would you want a company to go to the expense of catering to your rather odd desires when it would sell approximatey two copies – one to each of you?
    I digress: the singles box has been removed from the French Amazon website.

  9. daveidmarx says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. daveidmarx says:

    To Mark McKendrick – Dude, Shea would sell a lot more copies than this over-priced, totally unnecessary box will, guaranteed. It is the single most desired item left in the vaults at this point. The UK singles, however, have been re-released ad nauseam – 1976 (vinyl), 1981 (vinyl w/pic sleeves), 1982-1990 (vinyl pic discs), 1989-90 (3" CDs), 1992 (5" CDs). Do we REALLY need another go round of these??

  11. wogew says:

    Still on Amazon Spain 😀

  12. Ariel C says:

    Shea is not gonna be possible due to copyright (Ed Sullivan/other companies).

  13. dsmn97 says:

    If Free As a Bird and Real Love were released as 7" singles with their own b-sides in the '90's, why not release them as such here? Baby's In Black from the Hollywood Bowl was remixed for that album's re-release a few years ago. And Christmas Time Is Here Again was remixed for the single release back in 1995 to begin with. So, why not include all of the singles complete and make the set an even 24 45's?

  14. Beatlemilio says:

    To make this singles collection really different from all the previous, I would prefer that all songs be remixed. That would be the opportunity to listen to great songs that have not been remixed yet (such as "This Boy" or "Yes It Is") or songs whose studio remix have not appeared on vinyl ("Revolution") or have only appeared in special editions for Record Store Day ("Strawberry Fields Forever" / "Penny Lane").
    In the case of "Baby's In Black", the remixed version of the album "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" is slightly different (in the introduction) from the one released as B-side of "Real Love" in 1996.

  15. Unknown says:

    Битлемилио, не понимаю, а разве виниловые издания 2012 и 2014 годов не дают такой возможности (если, конечно, не брать во внимание сам формат пластинок)? Особенно Mono Masters! Или вы хотите именно ре-микс старых пленок, а не их оригинальное сведение? Ведь для издания 2014 г. использовали те самые пленки!

  16. Beatlemilio says:

    Unknown (Russian),
    I agree that it is always necessary to consider the original mixes as the "core". But I already have the 2014 Mono Masters vinyl songs (mastered from the original tapes, non remastered) and the 2012 stereo remasters.
    This is the reason why I say that this vinyl singles collection would add nothing new that has not been released before, unless it includes remixed versions, at least when possible. What to do with "Love Me Do" or "She Loves You" (original mono mixes vs "spectral" stereo versions) could be another controversial discussion.

  17. Gabor Peterdi says:

    No need for this. SHEA as soon as possible on blu-ray. I mean come one now people who been teher are dying out. I am sure the rights could be sorted out. Shea clips were awsome quality on the Anthology and that has been 25 YEARS NOW!!! SHAME.

  18. Unknown says:

    q lanzen el box set del Shea con el audio original y todo lo filmado aquella noche, asi tengan q lanzar 10 dvd's … las escenas d las fans gritando como locas y los fans corriendo a traves del campo y siendo atrapados por policias no tiene precio…

  19. Martin says:

    Why not just get Giles and Sam to do a remix of the Red and Blue Albums?
    And where is The Long and Winding Road/For You Blue?

    This is just a cash grab….

  20. angel says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. angel says:

    We don't have yet the 22 UK singles as a 2 or 3-CD set, which would flow better than the Past Masters collection, without the songs in German and the ones from the EP.
    Also, the Past Masters jumps from 1966 to 1968.

  22. Ken says:

    Mark McKendrick
    why are u putting down people who are asking about the release of shea ? the shea blu-ray etc box would sell tons more than this over priced money grabbing singles box. a LOT of people would prefer shea to this box.

  23. daveidmarx says:


    Maybe Mark is a die-hard Yankees fan and hates ANYTHING having to do with the Mets!!

  24. Bob Martin says:


  25. Alain Van Lauwe says:

    I think the cover art shown from Hello Goodbye/ I am the walrus is NOT from Belgium as the text says.

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