Songs for the Philippines

Despite having been treated so badly while visiting the Philippines that neither of them has ever visited the country again, The Beatles have donated two songs to the new 39-track digital charity compilation album “Songs For The Philippines”. The album opens with “Across the Universe” and closes with “Let It Be”. This is one of the very few times Beatles tracks are included in a compilation album. Of course, “Across the Universe” (The Lizzie Bravo/Gayleen Pease version) in itself was originally a track on the charity album “No One’s Gonna Change Our World” back in 1969 (depicted above).

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In a 2011 interview, Imelda Marcos says that she had nothing to do with the manhandling of the Beatles at the airport. In fact, “When I heard they were being manhandled at the airport on their departure, I immediately ran to the airport to have it stopped. I remember reprimanding the airport manager Mr. Willy Jurado,” Mrs Marcos claims.

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