Studio tracks for Bootleg Recordings 1964

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  1. Unknown says:

    There wouldn't be any need to include any of the studio outtakes listed that have already come out on the Anthology CDs, so I'd be surprised/not happy if any were included on a 1964 release. All the Anthology tracks will already have 70 years copyright protection. Should be interesting to see if they only include stuff that's already come out on bootleg though, or whether they'll be nice enough to include a few delights.

  2. maikel ariel says:

    as the other post says, there are tracks listed here from anthology cds which have no need to be included. also there are chats and short takes (many false starts)from anthology videos that i doubt they will include them

  3. BWSmythe says:

    I don't understand the inclusion of radio broadcasts. Surely they are already within copyright, unless they need to be re-copyrighted for international use.

  4. BWSmythe says:

    After a moment's research, UK law says, "Under the terms of the 1956 Act, [radio] broadcast copyright expires 50 years from the end of the year in which it was transmitted: section 14(2), Copyright Act 1956. The 50 year copyright period cannot be extended for such broadcasts…"

    This was not changed when they revised it in 1988, or recently. So, what are they doing? Reinterpreting them as studio recordings?

  5. LanceHall says:

    This would be a good opportunity for Apple to release crisp wide stereo versions of the 1964 outtakes that were originally presented as heavily reverbed mono mixes on Anthology. "Leave My Kitten Alone" would be the unanimous fan choice for a new clean stereo remix at FULL length.

  6. Geert says:

    I wonder what happens to the copyright of a boradcast if it gets re-broadcast at some point. Didn't the BBC broadcast a lrge number of them again in the 1980s?

  7. BWSmythe says:

    / I cut off with my quote just before it says something about repeats do not extend copyright either…

    I don't know how this would work if the extracts were used in a different programme.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Someone here or elsewhere (The Apple group on FB) made a very concerted claim that 'Bootlegs 1963' would be unnecessary due to a Euro amendment affecting only Eurozone copyright holders (ie. not Dylan or Beach Boys) and at the time I thought they were talking rubbish. However, without done enough hard research to be able to explain to you anymore than they were able to me( very complicated stuff, legally), I think they're quite right.

    There will be no 2014 bootlegs.

    Now we wait….

  9. Anonymous says:

    ^ erratum: should have read "made a very concerted claim that 'Bootlegs 1964' would be unnecessary due to a Euro amendment"

  10. Geert says:

    ^ Isn't that the Cliff Richard amendment – which now extends copyright to 75 years? I remember reading that somewhere last year.

    ^^ The BBC songs were included in a whole new programme: The Beeb's Lost Beatles tapes, which, if I understand it right, should have its own copyright protection for 50 (or 75 years)?

  11. Anonymous says:

    ^Yes and alternatives available to Apple (or any other artist) other than 'flash release' could include special radio programmes with snippet excerpts of recordings (which still copyrights the full item).
    Of course, it's extremely likely that since 'Bootleg recordings 1963' was part of the Apple/Universal partnership known as Calderstone Productions, that since last year's recordings, issued cheaply initially, were in such demand that they were withdrawn and reissued at a much higher price, Universal will again be keen get their income. Although there was an 'official' story covering the initial/revised price of last year's set (other than to explain that price, naturally), only one person in the entire world is reported to have believed it and that person has since been declared legally insane 😛

  12. Geert says:

    there isn't much of 2014 left to pull this off now? 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    It is a real shame that all the download links for Purple Chick's Deluxe Beatles for Sale and A Hard Day's Night are all gone or no longer working. The Volume two disc of those sets have virtually all the previously bootlegged studio outtakes. Where are they when we need then?

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