The Beatles Live Project moves along

Ron Howard with John Lennon, back in those happy days

The Beatles Live Project just had a press release on their website, Says it’s a film, directed by Ron Howard and features clips from concerts and interviews with fans. And they are still looking for contributions. Here’s a new trailer:

So far, this looks like a project geared towards the American fans, dealing with the concerts in the USA, but WogBlog has been informed that they are also looking at concert footage from other parts of the world. They are making the film about the Beatles concert career from 1963-1966, from the fans’ point of view. It is our understanding that they will be interviewing the fans about their experiences, and not Beatles insiders. It’s a different approach than The Beatles Anthology, which was the Beatles’ own memories, or “unofficial” films (From Liverpool to San Francisco, The Beatles Explosion, The Unseen Beatles, Love Me Do, Rare and Unseen etc) which were based on interviews with people close to the group.

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