The Danilo calendars

Beatles Official Calendar 2018 – Yellow Submarine edition

Photos of the official Beatles calendars for 2018 from Danilo have been published, regular and special edition versions. The regular, poster-sized calendar is already available in the U.S. and has a Yellow Submarine theme, the special (square) edition has some 1968 photos, but from the supplied photos, one month features a Norway/Sweden 1968 record sleeve with a 1966 photo. Due out September 1 in USA, September 15 in the UK.

Here are some photos of the The Beatles Official 2018 Calendar A3 Poster Format (available from August 1, 2017 in USA, August 15 in the UK):

January 2018
June 2018
The back of the calendar.

And here is the The Beatles Collector’s Edition Official 2018 Calendar – Square Format With Record Sleeve Cover Calendar, due to be available from September 1, 2017.

The front is made to look like an inner sleeve.
July features this Swedish record sleeve
January: a mad day out photo
Year overview: still photo from the Revolution video
Back cover


Amazon (USA)

Amazon (UK)

See also our post with the unofficial calendars.

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3 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Richie was asked the following question by Rolling Stone:

    'Are you going to release deluxe editions of the other albums?'

    Mr Starr's reply? 'I hope they do the White Album and Abbey Road.'

    Let us hope so, Ringo.

  2. piper909 says:

    Just checked Amazon.US, and as of today, 11 August, the Yellow Sub calendar, at least, is not yet available.

  3. James Peet says:

    Given we already have the release of YS on Bluray and DVD twice since 1999, please tell me that they aren't going to issue another version? There's still a lot of other projects that would be a better idea, off the top of me head, there's the Fan Club Flexidiscs, Let It Be, Shea, maybe a volume 3 of the BBC stuff, as there's a lot of great sounding recordings that are still unheard.

    I'd just like some of these to see light of day, before I leave this mortal (Beatles) coil.

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