Ticket To Ride uploaded in full

Yesterday, the full version of the “Ticket To Ride” promotional film (ie music video) was uploaded on YouTube by The Beatles’ official channel on the anniversary of the release of the single, sadly only in 480p quality. This is the second time this year they have uploaded a complete music video to celebrate an anniversary, on February 10 they uploaded the full “A Day In The Life” video. After it had been up around a week, they set the video mode to “private”, thus disabling it for viewing. Expect the same to happen with “Ticket To Ride”.

Is this a new trend? Is it a way of utilizing the promotional clips thay had assembled for the unrealised music video collection of last year?

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  1. senormedia says:

    Ringo and Moon share some miming similarities…

  2. maikel ariel says:

    is the music a little faster than the official song?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Consider these as akin to the teasers and trailers that Holywood runs.
    We know that Apple only seems to care about transgressions on its video property so whether it's long-winded or not, such teasing leads toward new product.

    That's new product not new material.

    Possibly of interest only to those who like new containers to put the same shi….I mean….sugar in


  4. Thomas says:

    has somebody did a download?
    where can i find this one?

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