Vaginal Apple label

The offending B-side label from Apple Records.

A recent story in the Daily Mail reveals that there were some doubt among executives at Capitol Records as they were about to distribute the first records bearing the newly designed Apple label. In a letter from Capitol Record’s President Stan Gortikov to Ron Kass of Apple, Stan writes that one of their “rack jabbers” has noted that he felt the new Apple label was completely pornographic and actually depicted a vagina. He stated that the graphic similarity was immediately noticed by all of his key employees.

“Graphic” parts not on display in USA. 
In Australia, however….

As the letter was written a couple of days after the launch of bort “Hey Jude” and “Those Were The Days” in the USA, there was nothing to do about it, although since both of these records were 45’s with big centre holes, the offending bits weren’t on display. And of course, later when albums started to appear – we never heard people making this connection at all.

Letter – page 1
Letter – part 2, with post script.

Still, Stan seems to have gotten a chuckle from this, as he added a handwritten message to Kass, which was probably for his eyes only – at the time.

Source: the Daily Mail

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  1. Eduardo Ferreira Coelho de Souza says:

    Very funny….

  2. trawicki says:

    thought that the very first time i saw it, all those years ago…
    obvious, innit?

  3. absinthe says:

    As a prepubescent in the late '60s, some of my pals told me they'd bring a Playboy to bed with them at night. I'd always bring Side 2 of the White Album.

  4. Debjorgo says:

    Why take a picture to bed? Wouldn't it be better to take a real apple?

    And Playboy didn't start showing "apple cores" until well into the seventies.

  5. Popper says:

    Have heard the same thing mentioned in connection with the (different) white Apple used on John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band album.

  6. Unknown says:

    "Jobbers" not "jabbers".

  7. rick says:

    I’m sure that if John had noticed he would’ve gotten a big laugh over it.

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