Wings “Speed” confusion

Which album will accompany the archive release of Venus and Mars?

Yesterday we reported about a memo from Paul McCartney’s record company in the U.S.A., Concord, that pencilled in two McCartney Archive series releases for June, referring to them in the abbreviated terms “Venus” and “Speedway”, and depicting the “Venus and Mars” and “Red Rose Speedway” albums. Said memo has now been removed from the internet, which has spurred a debate among fans if perhaps we were right about the company getting their “speeds” mixed up and that “Wings at the Speed of Sound” really was the album they meant.

We don’t know, as we have no inside information to settle this matter, we just need to stay calm and wait for the official word.

Meanwhile, the user etcetera over at Steve Hoffman’s Music Corner forum has some great ideas for the DVDs which should accompany each release.

Venus and Mars:

* Juniors Farm Top Of The Pops

* Nashville Studio Stuff

* Mardi Gras Sequence

* New Orleans Into The Studio TV stuff

* Venus and Mars TV Advert

* Letting Go live UK

Red Rose Speedway: 2 DVDs


* James Paul McCartney Show , including bonuses (The Long and Winding road live, Big Barn Bed Version 2, Outtakes of Paul playing guitar with Linda snapping)


* My Love video Clip

* My Love Top of the Pops (recently found in the BBC Lagos, Nigeria Archive)

* Hi Hi Hi video

* C moon Video

* Live tracks and rehearsals from the 1973 UK Tour

We might add that a second Venus and Mars DVD could easily be made from the November 13, 1975 Wings concert at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne.

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5 Responses

  1. John Pitt says:

    Hi Roger , I have only just discovered ( and joined ) your blog. I have recently noticed that Amazon now sell a range of "official" bootlegs as Japanese CDs. Do you know where I can find a full list of all these "official" bootlegs?
    Apologies if you have already covered this topic.
    Cheers, John

  2. Brian Fried says:

    The idea of multiple DVDs doesn't fit — and some of those promo films (like "My Love") are lifted from James Paul McCartney.

    My guess is that we'll see…
    • Wild Life have the 1972 pre-tour rehearsal film, with promo film/Flip Wilson appearance for "Mary Had A Little Lamb"
    • Red Rose Speedway have James Paul McCartney, with the "Hi Hi Hi" and "C Moon" videos for sure
    • Venus And Mars have news reports of the McCartneys in New Orleans and a TV advert
    • Speed Of Sound have the "Junior's Farm" material plus the promo films for "Silly Love Songs" and "Let 'Em In"
    • London Town have the promo film for "Mull Of Kintyre," a live performance for "With A Little Luck" and the promo ad for Wings' Greatest
    • Back To The Egg have the video film and the making of "Rockestra"

  3. RHWinter says:

    Brian, good suggestions, but those goodies will only appear on the superduper exta special deluxe versions, I am sure…

  4. James19 says:

    Did anyone see the Bootleg iTunes album is gonna be released on CD and Vinyl?

  5. Brian Fried says:

    Question for you, Roger: has Concord Music suggested a Record Store Day release for 2014? The past two years have preceded the archives with a single for that day — and it's quite possible that the memo was taken down until the proper release (with single) has been announced.

    Personally, I'm wondering if they're going to release a Fame-like single of "Listen To What The Man Said"/"My Love" for it.

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