Yoko on Bangladesh

Yoko Ono has just posted her account of the events around the Concert for Bangladesh and the non-appearance by John Lennon at this event.
The reasons why John didn’t want to participate has been debated a lot over the years, and here’s one version:
A rumour concerning John’s non-appearance at the Bangla Desh concert suggests that George didn’t want Yoko to sing, so John replied by saying, “If Yoko can’t play neither can I” and that when John tells Yoko of George’s decision, the couple had a row. John then flew to Paris while Yoko returned to England.
However, only a few weeks after the show, John told a different story: “Allen Klein was putting it around that I had run off to England so I couldn’t be there for the concert. But I told George a week before the show that I wouldn’t be doing it. I just didn’t feel like it. We were in the Virgin Islands and I certainly wasn’t going to be rehearsing in New York, then going back to the Virgin Islands, then coming back up to New York and singing.

Yoko Ono’s new account tells about the row between the Lennons:
… a phone call came and John picked it up. He was saying “Yeah….yeah…..yeah,” I saw that he was getting very upset. He hung up the phone without saying a word. “What was that?” “Oh, that was George.” A long pause.” He’s saying. ‘Join the Bangladesh concert,’ and all that. Dylan is coming. too. I’m not going.” “Why? I think we should go. It’s a charity. It’s for a good cause.” I said. “We’re not doing it.” “Why?” “Because it’s George’s little thing. We’ll do our own. you and me.” “I think we should go”, I said. “Does it matter that it’s George’s?” John was getting angrier and angrier. I was getting angry. too. I thought John was being big-headed about it. “Okay. if you don’t want to go I’ll go. I’ll go alone.” I said. John flipped out. “You want to be a performing flea, go ahead! You’d perform with a drop of a hat with any excuse, anywhere…!”
You can read Yoko’s full story on Flickr, including the composing of Happy X-mas (War is Over).

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