The Bournemouth tape

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  1. Egil says:

    WITH the Dacotas

  2. Joe says:

    Great article, but this bit isn’t true: “The Beatles played more concerts in Bournemouth than anywhere else, outside of London” – Liverpool and Hamburg definitely saw more shows than Bournemouth.

    • admin says:

      That’s true, but as a show band rather than a bar band it holds up.

      • Joe says:

        It really doesn’t though. They played more than twice as many dates in Paris (January-February 1964; 18 dates, two shows per day) as they did in Bournemouth. And a similar number at the Tower Ballroom in New Brighton (hardly a bar). The August 1963 residency in Bournemouth was the same length as those in Margate, Weston-Super-Mare, and Llandudno (six nights).

        • Shad Radna says:

          I think the full source of the relevant statistic is “In just 14 months from August 1963 to October 1964 The Beatles played more shows at the Bournemouth Gaumont than any other concert venue in the UK outside London.” Apparently they did 18 shows there, making more than one visit.

    • maxwilbury says:

      Isn’t it Paris (France), the one ?
      Not sure but just asking.

  3. Uwe says:

    There is a report including some snippets on youtube, the quality is amazing

    By using the latest technology apple could create a stunning concert recording.
    Hard to believe the owners did not make a private copy for themselves to keep

  4. Jim says:

    Did she make a copy of the tape before she gave it away or not? It would be stupid not to.

  5. Melvin Schofield says:

    Absolutely agree with the suggestion that this should be released as part of a box set of the Please Please Me and With the Beatles lps. It should also contain a DVD of the Bournemouth concert footage. What a package that would be!

  6. Rickenbacker325 says:

    If Apple was in fact the buyer…which we all can say beyond a reasonable doubt did buy it…you can forget ever seeing a release and if they did(they won’t) they’d probably put the commercial versions under the live music to “beef it ip”

  7. Keith Collins says:

    Well I was there, and I couldn’t hear a bloody note, so The Lord only knows how they recorded it ?
    No mixing desk feed in those days I imagine ?

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