The Teatles phenomenon – an interview

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  1. Helene Matthews says:

    Thanks so much for the great article on The Teatles magazine and Huw. I’m happy that Huw is getting recognition as he is such a great guy and very generous. He works hard on these magazines just from the love of The Beatles. It seems he makes no money himself and actually puts out money from his own pocket. I’m lucky enough to have all the copies of the magazine and have enjoyed them immensely. I really hope he sticks with it for a long time to come!!!!

  2. Kelley says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this lovely man and what he does. It’s always nice to broaden my Beatles community.

  3. Leon Donaruma says:

    Thank you for posting this story, it’s time for tea and meet the wife,
    Saludos desde Argentina

  4. Blakey says:

    ‘I’ve had tea; Lots of tea, Indian tea…. And biscuits.’

    – Dirk McQuickley

  5. James Peet says:

    Huw is a beautiful man. His vision, to me at least, chimes so perfectly what it is to be a Beatles fan in the 2020s. Humour plays a vital role in the Beatles, and fans these days have a strong sense of humour, and so, therefore, Teatles scores highly on the Beatleometer.

    I was lucky enough to have an essay I writted up meself, in one of the early issues of Teatles, about my love for Beatles For Sale. If I pull my finger out, I may get a second essay included. That’s greedy, though.

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