Crooked Boy

Coming up from Ringo Starr is a new four track EP, “Crooked Boy”, produced by Linda Perry. Ringo revealed this in his February video update, and showed us the front cover (with a green vinyl 7″ record inside”) and the foldout.

Foldout cover of the Crooked Boy EP

The four tracks on this EP are «Adeline», «Crooked Boy», «February Sky» and «Gonna Need Someone».

Ringo also adressed his much talked about country EP, which seems to be delayed because it will be expanded to a full ten track album. He did announce a few years ago that he is done woth albums, but it looks like he has been lured back by enjoying country music so much. After all, his second solo album back in 1970 was the country album “Beaucoups of Blues”, which he recorded in Nashville. Since then, just a few tracks here and there on his catalogue has been country tinged.

Here’s Ringo’s February 2024 update.

4 Responses

  1. Tim Wilson says:

    Hey Ringo the Starr! Ringo album from 1973, archive treatment, before we die, please!!

  2. Win Corr says:

    I thought T-Bone Burnett was going to produce this?

  3. Dave says:

    Did not buy the last one and won’t be buying this one due to the sky high pricing. Will just listen to them on you tube.

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