John Duff Lowe

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  1. James Percival says:

    So glad I made the effort to see the Quarrymen in Alcester (where Chas Newby lived) in 2016. Can’t believe it is now 8 years ago.

    Incidentally, I would strongly recommend Hunter Davies’ The Quarrymen book from 2001. In his typically down to earth way, he represents the milieu of northern English culture from the 1940 and 50s, particularly educational experiences, in a way no US-based writer ever gets close. Jim Berkenstedt made a valiant effort in ‘The Beatle Who Vanished’, but the early chapters were full of misunderstandings…

  2. Simon Sands says:

    I’m a comedian and I worked with John quite a few times over the years. He loved my buisiness card which read
    ‘Sinim Snads
    Internotional Dislaxic Comedna’
    Each time I bumped into him at the Beatles Conversations he always greeted me with
    ‘Ah Mr Snads’
    He sent me a photograph of the record and told me about when Paul rang him about the record. After a while of small talk John said something like
    ‘Alright Paul let’s cut the chase!’
    Lovely man sadly missed
    🎹 ❤️🙏

  3. Bill says:

    Interesting. I wonder who the fourth person is between Duff and Paul? Is that Michael? Were they a group?

  4. Ken Mison says:

    Note that the guitar the women is holding is the same one Paul is holding – that may be his mum. Maybe Peter Jackson’s AI or a variant of it could clean-up the picture.

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