Mind Games sampler CD with magazine

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  1. Danny Jones says:

    Many thanks for the heads up on this one. listened to it yesterday and it sounds fab. I wont get my box set till a week after release so this is perfect to whet my appetite

  2. JPMacOriginal says:

    Mine arrived Thursday the 27th I’ve listened to the CD Meat City Evolution Documentary is probably my favorite to listen to at the moment. Didn’t realize that Kathy Molland is part of the back vocals on the album.

    • Paul says:

      It is nice that the Lennon camp partnered with Uncut to make a preview CD. I will be looking for the issue in this area later this month.

  3. angellus8e9025cca8 says:

    which are the titles of the hidden tracks included on the new Mind Games boxet ?

  4. wardo68 says:

    Hoping Mike Carrera chimes in with one of his wonderful breakdowns!

  5. Ian Beaumont says:

    Hi. Is there a plan to do a review of the full new deluxe edition of Mind Games on The Daily Beatle? The ones you’ve done on all the other Beatles and solo Beatles reissues are totally fab.

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