The Beatles Again

“The Beatles Again” front cover and record.

Had it not been for the reputation of the seller, we would have thought it was a fantasy dream item, manufactured by bootleggers. This is the very first fully manufactured album cover and record for the Beatles’ US LP release from 1970, “The Beatles Again” (Apple SO-385). As you may know, the original title of this album was slated by Apple Records to be “The Beatles Again”. That title was later changed to “Hey Jude” when they decided to market the album on the strength of that huge hit single.

You can find the “Beatles Again” records themselves around as they were issued in the far more common fully marked “Hey Jude” titled covers upon their initial release. A long time ago, I won that album in a competition on the radio here in Norway, with “The Beatles Again” on the labels and a regular “Hey Jude” album cover. These were imported to Norway and could be found in record shops.

What you don’t find around and will likely ever see again, is the original authentic alternate “Beatles Again” fully titled covers! In fact, this is perhaps the rarest Beatles album cover in the world! Well, behold, , here indeed, is a truly authentic early “Beatles Again” album cover and record! It is 100% authentic guaranteed. It is a fully constructed cover from corner to corner. note the “Beatles Again” title and “SO-385” number are on spine as well. Also note the back cover features a purple border around the image and the title “Beatles Again” in purple print on the image. The spine is purple as well, with white print.

“The Beatles Again” back cover and record.

The quality of the record, which was for sale on ebay: “The condition is a very nice vg+ to ++. The seams are intact with only a 1/4″ seam wear through at the lower right corner. Some very light wear otherwise, but this one is in great shape. To date, there are two known examples of this rare album to exist at all. The record is near mint all the way around labels and vinyl.”

This item will be accompanied with the seller’s lifetime guarantee letter of authenticity.

The seller of this item is Perry Cox, co-author of a series of price guides for American Beatles records.

An album sleeve was sold in October 2020 by Julien’s Auctions for $7,680.


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  1. maikel ariel says:

    Here in Chile, and maybe in many others latin american countries, it received the strange name "Compatible" and it was on the front of the album. the reason of this name is because the "compatibility" with the stereo and mono systems of the time, when stereo was becoming more popular than years before.

  2. Unknown says:

    I found a copy of this album in an antique shop on the coast of Oregon..matching numbers and complete un damaged cover…my email is tailguner4149[at]

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