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On the 30th of January – the anniversary date of the concert – US fans across the nation and a handful of fans in London, England has the opportunity to go and see The Beatles: GetBack – The Rooftop Concert in “select IMAX theatres”. This is a special screening and filmmaker Q&A on that date. The only IMAX theatre in Great Britain that will be screening it on that date is the Odeon at the British Film Institute in London, England – and it’s sold out.

Peter Jackson: “I’m thrilled that the rooftop concert from The Beatles: Get Back is going to be experienced in IMAX, on that huge screen. It’s The Beatles’ last concert, and it’s the absolute perfect way to see and hear it.”

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IMAX theatres around the world will also screen the film on later dates. For instance, we heard February 9 in Copenhagen, Denmark and February 10 in Australia. At the Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne, New South Wales they are making quite an event of it, as tickets include a glass of bubbles on arrival and a special pre-show performance from “The Beatles Rebooted” who will be playing a 45 minute selection of the Beatles greatest hits before the screening.

But we can’t possibly keep up with all the countries, so check your local IMAX if you live near one. We are still awaiting an announcement from the only IMAX in Norway. Here’s Disney’s promo for the 30th:

Since we are reckoning that everyone has seen the Disney+ documentary which includes the concert, we are hoping that the IMAX presentation will be focusing on The Beatles and the concert itself, rather than the waiting constables in the foyer or the interviews with bystanders. Some fans are also hoping that the split screen scenes will not appear in this version, but we are not so fuzzy about that. It’s kind of reminiscent of that other 1969 concert film, Woodstock. What’s wrong about seeing the scene from different angles simultaneously?


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  1. Rick says:

    But $20+ is too much for it.

  2. Mike Running Deer says:

    “What’s wrong about seeing the scene from different angles simultaneously?”

    Theoretically, split screens would be fine in a DVD version as a viewing option. But as for the movie/rooftop concert, I think some of us would have preferred to see the performance in a single screen shot mode but with different camera angles (when possible) than the original Let It Be. Noticed that it seemed in the GB movie roof performance that the camera on Paul’s right was slightly blurred (or of lower quality) as compared to the one on John’s left.

  3. absinthe says:

    I’ll stick with my home 5.1 and pass on the twenty-dollar swindle.

  4. juergen hartig says:

    I find it somewhat odd that apple always tries to make something elitist out of old beatles stuff.

    I mean “Iconic performance” – really? I remember meeting a guy at a record convention in camden town in the 80ies and he meant “let´s be honest, almost all the get back stuff is trash” and he was and is right. when I listen to the get back sessions on the deluxe box, it is not very impressig. can´t they simply release this movie with less noise and show it for a week in a regular cinema instead of making a big deal out of it?

  5. Stoneburner says:

    I think what most people are misunderstanding (including me before seeing Get Back) is that the rooftop session is not a “concert” but rather a setting for some song performances. Personally I’ve never been to a gig where the artists performed the same song 3and a half times (ie Get Back) or even twice (Don’t Let Me Down) in a half hour set. It is obvious from the Beatles own comments in the film that it was never even intended as some big climax, but over the years that’s what the legend’s become!

  6. helenemat says:

    Quite unfair that Get Back is not playing anywhere in Canada!!!!!

  7. Duke Viking says:



    Wow!! I just caught the Get Back Rooftop Concert IMAX showing and the Q&A with Peter.

    Very impressive.

    Note: this is from my phone, so expect typos, sentence fragments, etc.

    For those that are curious, it’s the mini doc from Episode 1, the concert and interview footage, the downstairs playback and the Jan 31st credits. Runs about an hour.

    Facts from Peter:
    Unique IMAX sound mix by Giles – done at the only IMAX mixing studio in the UK – which is at Twickenham. “Gone full circle” as Peter says. Peter was not able to attend – sent the materials to Giles.
    He’s unable to view it himself – there’s no IMAX in NZ. Was rather jealous of us – “This is the pity Peter segment of the Q&A”.
    He has interviews with most of the people filmed recently – showed a current one with one of the police officers. (“No one has seen this, I think”) He’s hoping it will be on the Let It Be video release as a bonus – if it happens. It didn’t sound like a sure thing from Peter.
    Gave a lot of credit to Michael Lindsay-Hogg. Peter said, as a director, I would have read them the riot act a couple of times.
    Confirmed there’s no plans from Disney for an extended cut, but also urged us to contact Disney and Apple for a longer cut. He said it can’t hurt to ask, and they listen to things like that. He said he’d like to add about 3 or 4 hours more. Uncut performances, etc.
    He’s restored everything and turned it over to Apple.
    We were missing audio in Seattle for the start of the Q&A – it was before the showing, not after. We got audio just as Peter was showing his iPad with the 10 concert cameras – it was the full audio – and would show the cameras “winking” on and off. It was from this iPad view of the 10 camera footage that Peter got the idea for the split screen.
    The swag was a poster, backstage lanyard, and coupon cards.

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