The Paul McCartney Singles Collection

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  1. Bjarne Laastad says:

    Hoping for a physical release! Noting that the “Off the ground” (Single Remix) is omitted and that some promo single remixes are missing (“Lonely Road”, “Your Loving Flame” etc) But this is great – and about time!

  2. Kevin Russell says:

    I wonder why Bridge On The River Suite hasn’t been included. An oversight or an error I wonder.

    • delforge says:

      It seems that this version of “Bridge on the river suite” is the B side of “in the blink of an eye ” These two songs are excerpt from the 2016 Carl Davis album ” Ethel & Ernest”

  3. David Fisher says:

    Have I missed it or it “Freedom” not there? It was a single.

  4. Jaybee says:

    I can’t see “A Leaf” there either

  5. Dabada says:

    735 euros Sorry Paul

  6. John Kaelin says:

    159 digital vs 163 physical tracks. What’s missing on the digital?

    • Bjarne Laastad says:

      At least “Wonderful Christmas Time” as B-side to “The Christmas Song”. It just repeats itself. Maybe more of that kind of repetitions?

  7. olivernutherwun says:

    It’s ironic that the digital version has less tracks than the physical media set…..whereas, …..over on the Revolver ‘Super Deluxe Edition’ threads…….

  8. John Kaelin says:

    From another source: “Four tracks appear twice on the physical set (“Old Siam, Sir,” “Wonderful Christmastime,” “We All Stand Together,” and the Tripping the Live Fantastic-era soundcheck version of “C Moon”).”

    This explains the 159 vs 163 digital vs physical tracks.

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