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Utklipp fra Billboard

The re-released “Revolver” album charted at no. 4 in the U.S. Album chart on Billboard this week. In Norway the album placed sixth in week 44.  From Germany it’s reported that “Revolver” managed something it didn’t accomplish elsewhere, it debuted at no. 1, so the new album from Taylor Swift had to be content with the no. 2 spot that week. The “Revolver” album is strongly connected to Germany, as it is German artist Klaus Voormann’s artwork which is displayed on the album cover.

The original 1966 release of “Revolver” in West Germany was on the Odeon – Hör Zu label. They went for a black and white version of the “Hör Zu”-logo for this album.

In the U.K., for some reason the official charts company has chosen to use an image of the Russian bootleg from 2000 of the “Revolver”+”Magical Mystery Tour” CD as the icon for “Revolver” in their chart listings.

Russian bootleg CD from 2000 chosen to represent “Revolver” in the U.K. charts.

Here, Taylor Swift is on top, The Beatles finishing second.

A Russian bootleg from 2000 represents “Revolver” in the official U.K. charts.

But the U.K. company also compiles a vinyl-only chart, where the Beatles have pushed Swift’s album down from 1st to second place.

The album list, as based on vinyl sales.

Denmark also compiles vinyl charts, and the same happened there, the Beatles at no. 1 and Swift at no. 2.

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  1. Rob Geurtsen says:

    Interesting coincidence, it was McCartney III and Taylor Swift’s album that were connected in a chart race, now it is The Beatles and Taylor Swift. Then again – the total sales are so low nowadays, the marketing effort huge, and pre-release sales for Revolver enormous… let’s see how long it stays up there.

  2. Rick says:

    Any thing to get Swifty out of the #1 spot is a great thing.

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