Paul McCartney’s music videos, part 2

Mike Carrera has compiled another of his deep overviews of Beatles and solo music videos, promotional clips or whatever you would like to call them, they are small films accompanied by songs to promote releases. The new list takes you through the official music videos of Paul McCartney and it is the second and final part, as we already published part 1 (1970-1999) earlier.
So here’s the second part, which includes the videos made between 2001 and 2021, as well as music videos from other artists with participation from Paul (1974-2021).
But Mike and I have also been busy updating the first part (1970-1999) several times since it was published, and it is now completely up-to-date, and includes videos that have been discovered in the past months since we published the first version, thanks to the private files of some people, TV channels in England and collectors who agreed to let us add them to our review (which will see future publication in book form).

This is no copy-and-paste job, Mike has been very thoroughly researching each video and there is no other lists like these which go into such depth regarding alternate versions of videos, or even still to this day unpublished videos. The information also corrects incorrect data found elsewhere regarding these music videos. Part 2 will continuously be updated with upcoming music videos.

Paul McCartney music videos Part 1 (1970-1999)
Paul McCartney music videos Part 2 (2001-2021, plus participations)

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