Blu-ray announcement delayed

Work-in-progress advertisement

This is prelimenary work on an ad for something that was supposed to be announced Monday, but it didn’t happen. So there has been a delay, but here you are. It seems to be happening but Omikron or something is causing delays.

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  1. Rick says:

    What about the DVD version?

  2. Fiendish Thingy says:

    I am sceptical that this is an actual proposed ad for two reasons:
    1) running time is same as Disney+ version, not the expanded 12 hours quoted by Jackson (and no other special features mentioned);
    2) $45US list price for a 3 bluray set is cheaper than the $50US list price for the 2 bluray “1+” set…

    • JPMacOriginal says:

      @Fiendish Thingy, would have to agree with you!

    • Ron Nasty says:

      I can totally see that being the way they do the home release, a straight no frills initial release that contains nothing more than the series as shown, followed a few months by an extended version that also includes the trailers and making of features.

    • Jake says:

      Listen to the Something About the Beatles Podcast with Robert Rodriguez and his interview with Peter Jackson. Peter says, what we got on Disney+ is all we’ll get from the Disney blu-ray release. He states that Disney does not believe in extended cut releases and that what Disney released on the streamer is essentially the extended cut.

      • ODIrony says:

        What you say is correct, however, in another interview he encouraged people to contact Disney and let them know how much we like Get Back, saying we should tell them we want more. It also seems that he feels more hopeful as time goes by – at least that’s how he comes off in more recent interviews.

      • Win Corr says:

        I think you are correct there…Unless Jackson was able to convince Disney otherwise after the success of the series.

        • Fiendish Thingy says:

          Does Disney own the home video rights, or does Apple?

          • Ron Nasty says:

            Disney were announced as the having the worldwide distribution rights in March 2020, which I would expect to cover cinema, streaming and home video.

            As to whether there will be an extended version coming later, the apparent lack of any extras, such as featurettes covering film and audio restoration, makes me think this will be an initial release with an extended version coming later in 2022.

            Jackson suggesting there won’t be one means little to me as we know people who work for Apple on Beatles projects are often told what they can reveal and when.

            It wouldn’t do much for sales of a straight home release of the series without extras if Jackson was talking up an extended version that would follow later, though it is hinted at in some interviews Jackson has given.

  3. JPMacOriginal says:

    Will be waiting for this….hope even more bonus footage comes along with this release. Even thought the full “Roof Top” is shown with lobby and street footage, I hope they do a versions without interruption of the concert with all angles….

    • FraFo says:

      To me that would be a key element of any Blu Ray release. I love the concert but actually found the three frame splits and extended police scenes more distracting than additive. I understand its inclusion as part of the overall narrative but a straight concert edit would be a essential special feature. Failing that, maybe a bonus feature on the promised MLH Let It Be Blu Ray release.

  4. Thomas Griffith says:

    Finally some good news. I am looking forward to this

  5. Xaver Unsinn says:

    To blame everything on omicron is just ridiculous.

  6. Anthony Blak says:

    Has there been any discussion of a theatre release is a serial version.

  7. Andreas Müller says:

    An April fool’s joke?

  8. vern gibbons says:

    waiting for 16k version

  9. Shad+Radna says:

    We’re up to 16 responses. Shouldn’t someone have said “cash grab” by now? I sincerely hope that this failure isn’t due to the Omicron variant.

  10. Arno says:

    When the interest will slow down on Disney+ streaming, the logical next step will be a cinema version and after a couple of weeks, the next step will be a dvd/blu-ray version. And finally a uber box with the original film, Get Back film and bonus And then covid can be the reason for the delay as shown on the ad. December 27th the last ordering day. Maybe there´s still a lot of interest on Disney+ maybe they are afraid that a film can´t be shown worldwide due to the covid, and therefore a delay in the release.

  11. JOSE+RENATO says:

    I have a source that guarantees that there will be two editions. A normal one with 3 bluray and a special one with 6-8 bluray. Released in April or May.

  12. kozmo says:

    Yeah what ABOUT a regular DVD version?!

  13. kozmo says:

    Well, the longer Disney sits on this, the more money gets siphoned off by the bootleggers.

  14. Stoneburner says:

    I have been a massive Beatles fan for 40 years , but on second viewing of the series I found myself getting a little bored with it . There is only so much arsing around that even the greatest Beatles fan would begin to find tedious – George Martin said there was so much waiting around for them to get on with it , and I felt like that over just an eight hour edit . Paul reading out a newspaper article ? Two Of Us as ventriloquists ? Personally I think an extended cut is just not needed , there’s plenty enough already . I do agree on the comment about the rooftop concert – it could have been better presented with less cutaway shots and more emphasis on the band playing .

  15. David Fisher says:

    I have to agree with Stoneburger about the boredom issue. I am a total Beatle nut and have had the three huge CD boot boxes of all the Nagra reels for years (I am still to get through listening to all that) and hours of fifth generation black and white timecoded raw footage on black market DVDs but on first viewing despite the skilfull editing, amazing sound demix/remix and beautiful visual restoration I began to get bored by GET BACK episode three.

    The first two parts were like being in a dream watching stuff I never in a million years thought I’d see but by the third episode I’d rather had enough of the band’s indecision, George’s passive aggression, Paul’s clear indifference to George’s songs and input, John’s lack of focus and director MLH’s odd obsession with thousands of arabs. Only Ringo comes out as being fully committed to the process. Despite the Oscar-winning performance of the woman at the reception desk who feeds increasingly fanciful BS to the coppers to put them off the scent, the heartwarming presence of the ever-loyal Mal, the inspired WOODSTOCK-style multi-screen presentation of the rooftop gig and the alarming angry red circles around Paul and John’s eyes in a session near the end (I was googling what substances might cause such inflammation – too much tea and marmalade on toast no doubt?!?) it just got very samey. The very end had me chewing the carpet with frustration as the last day’s productive studio session was presented in small boxes next to the titles.

    I tried watching episode one for the second time yesterday and found it much harder to enjoy. I suspect this won’t stand up to much repeat viewing for me. Leave it a year or so perhaps? If there is a longer edit released I will buy it of course but I think there is scope for extension. Until the rooftop I don’t remember any good full versions of songs. My ears kept pricking up as I recognised LET IT BE album takes and sure enough the title flashed on screen to confirm this but after a few bars it makes an ADHD skip to more inconsequential goofing around. (It’s possible the film elements don’t cover the whole songs of course.) The songs at the end would be better presented full screen as well. Oh, and more of Yoko performing what has come to be known as “A Quick One While He’s Away” after George walks would be nice (I am in an undoubted minority but I genuinely enjoy her cathartic primal screaming!)

    Two final thoughts:

    1. As a recent “Beatles Naked” podcast recently pointed out there is 40 hours or so of extant Maysles Brothers footage in the hands of Apple of which we’ve only seen 1 hour 23 seconds as THE BEATLES FIRST U.S. VISIT official DVD that could be edited in a similar way. Now that would be worth a look.

    2. When I hear so much bile thrown by fans at the Disney Company, I keep thinking of Lennon’s reported response to Mr Epstein’s proposition after meeting Walt in secret for the Fabs to voice the crows in THE JUNGLE BOOK – “I’m not working for Mickey f@#$ing Mouse!” – and now he is – Oh the irony!

    • ODIrony says:

      The Blu Ray of FIRST U.S. VISIT has a fairly substantial amount of additional video footage.

    • T Wilson says:

      I found that watching Get Back 30 to 45 minutes at a time separated by a day makes it much more interesting. Agreed with all those disappointed about the shortened performance of songs during the sessions and the lack of a complete and single frame view of the rooftop concert. I was wondering whether they were being saved for the (possible) longer version DVD.
      I did enjoy the banter between them and watching the Beatles’ creative process sprinkled with humor. There seemed to be much wine and beer consumed during the sessions which seemed to boost their spirits :). In one interview, Peter Jackson commented on the strong improvement in John’s mood after they left Twickenham. That was clear….it was like the positive lights came on in John’s persona.
      I don’t worry about Disney and their holding of our heroes’ documentary. I am grateful after all these years that their investment in the quality and length of Get Back. Its a lot to digest initially but after repeated viewings, you really feel as if you are getting to know them better as human beings and not just the performers of the world’s best music.

  16. Juan says:

    Some boomers coming off as entitled as they can, demanding everything and breaking like glass when they don’t get their way and then blame it on ihe younger generations.

    • Stoneburner says:

      Er… have you posted on the wrong forum? This makes no sense. Who here is blaming what on which younger generation?

  17. Beatbay says:

    Very simple solution, for me anyway. No extras, no cash out of my pocket. I have already found a beautiful mkv copy of the series on line and I will stick with that until Disney or Apple or whoever makes it worth my while to buy a set with extras, hopefully, including a complete musical rooftop and more final day performance s. Hell, at this is point include the original Let It Be movie.

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