British fan club magazine folds

Issue 82, the second to last, was published in October 2022.

The British Beatles Fan Club is planning to publish the final issue of their quarterly published fanzine in late January or early February. British fans have had their own fan club magazine since 2000, and it followed in the footsteps of several previous such publications, like «Beatles Now» and other titles. When The Beatles Book Monthly folded in January 2003, the British Beatles Fan Club fanzine soldiered on, until now.

Here’s their statement: It has been a Long and Winding Road, but the time has come to Let it Be. The British Beatles Fan Club will be issuing its last magazine in January 2023. It has been a difficult decision, but one we need to take. We are sorry to be finishing but it is not The End. Our Facebook page will continue but the magazine has to now be put to bed. For just the four of us it has become more difficult for a number of reasons.

The BBFC cites Brexit as one of the obstacles they have been facing, resulting in lost memberships. The P.O. box of the club will close on February 28, but they will still continue to receive emails after that date. We guess the website will eventually disappear as well.

English language edition of the January 2023 issue of «Things».

For those who want to continue having a magazine, the British Beatles Fan Club recommends the magazine «Things» from the Beatles Museum in Germany, which is published in two editions, a German language one and an English ditto.

Thanks to the BBFC team for carrying the torch for all these years!

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