Busy Ringo promoting new EP

Ringo Starr’s new EP, “Change the World” is unleashed, and the jolly drummer has been doing his usual trip around the media to promote the product. Probably to no avail, we believe that it’s the Beatles completists who will be adding it to their collections to keep them complete. But nice for us to see him out and about!

On Jimmy Kimmel live, the drummer talks about everyone loving The Beatles, newer generations becoming fans, being a great grandfather, making EPs during the pandemic, selling a lot of cassettes, friendship with Paul McCartney, being in the new Ken Burns Documentary on PBS about Muhammad Ali, the upcoming “Get Back” documentary, his first tweet ever, and what inspired him to cover “Rock Around the Clock”.

In addition to his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ringo hosted a “Zoom” press conference for select media, which Modern Drummer recorded for their podcast:

Another recent interview with Ringo – sound only – is this one with Rick Rubin (familiar to us from his recent stint on the “McCartney 3 – 2 – 1” TV series).  Rick and Ringo recorded this interview on the day it was announced that Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts passed away. Here you’ll hear Ringo reminisce about partying with Charlie and Led Zeppelin’s drummer John Bonham. Ringo also talks about how he was a drunk heckler at Beatles shows before he joined the band, and why Paul McCartney was the only Beatle who would share a room with him.

We mustn’t forget the new songs. Out now on CD and cassette, they will eventually be made available on a 12″ vinyl record November 19. But here’s the Spotify playlist:

They are all also available on YouTube: Rock Around The Clock, Just That Way, Coming Undone and Let’s Change The World.

Another recently uploaded video from Ringo is one where he has a message for the international day of peace:

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  1. mpb says:

    re. Rick Rubin interview, influence of Al Green’s I’m a Ram on Ringo’s drumming:
    I’m a Ram was around 1971.

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