Colour footage synched to sound

Screenshot from Getty Images

In March, we told you about an interesting Omega Auctions lot, a reel of 8mm film (no audio) containing approximately 18 minutes of colour footage, shot in 1963 and 1964 by Rediffusion lighting supervisor Teddy Fader at TV appearances by The Beatles. The lot eventually sold for £13,000, which included copyrights. What happened next was a huge surprise to fans, Getty Images published all the footage! (link) They are probably licencing these clips to makers of future documentaries.

Of course, it was irresistable for ace film restorer, beatlesfan AdamBound to download the clips, put them in correct order and synch it to existing sound. The clips were from the 1963 and 1964 appearances (mainly rehearsals) at the “Ready Steady Go!” TV series and the special “Around The Beatles” from 1964. And here they are!




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